Differences between TS3 and TS4 Clarion S1 house
Date Posted: 7th Sep 2019 at 6:14 AM Views: 342
By now, I've made it clear that the original Trista Clarion house was not nearly as nice as the version here. But it turns out, the house was created for The Sims 3 first!

So what are some differences right away?

- Wall decorations: There are different items hanging on the walls in the two different game versions. Minor details. Exact wall hangings are negotiable details.

- Different windows and doors.: Part of the game. The nice loft windows I wanted don't exist in Sims 3.

- The Subway: In the Sims 3 version, the catacombs are smaller. I don't draw a massive fake subway tunnel. Instead, I have a rabbithole for Sims to take the subway. The Sims 4 version is canon, but the Sims 3 version is arguably faster.

- Window dressings: Cyclonsue's industrial iron bars are on the windows of the first floor in the Sims 3 version. For the Sims 4 version, I had to make a conversion of these. The Gallery edition doesn't have them, because I have been unable to acquire the rights from Cyclonsue to redistribute Sims 4 conversions of his iron bars.

- Siding: A darker shade of default game siding is in the Sims 4 version. In Sims 3, I used a CaSt repaint of a default siding, to make it look like it's really dirty.

- Garage contents: The Sims 3 version has a much more beat-up and rusty truck in it. And bikes. Because it makes more sense for the Trio to use bikes in the Sims 3 version - where bikes serve an actual purpose. Beauregard has his own motorcycle as well.

- Rusty propane tank: While this is repaired in canon, the propane tank in Sims 3's season 1 house is in far worse shape. This is due to the Sims 4 version being a conversion of JeziBomb's Sims 3 mesh, which I downloaded from elsewhere.

- Different garage door: Obviously, since garage doors are actually functional in Sims 3.

- Basement hidden passages: In the Sims 4 version, the Strangerville bunker door is used for entrance to the catacombs. A bookcase door is used in that game as well, for hiding entrance to the mission control room. In Sims 3, it's the tomb hidden door object for both entrances.

- Study room objects: These vary a bit, based on game object availability. Yet, the general principle of the room is the same.

- Neighborhood decor: For the Sims 4 version, the bus stop and wire poles and what-not are closer to the house. They are also made with PlasticBox mods. In Sims 3, they're Cyclonsue mods, and they're further away.
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