Health Update
Date Posted: 16th Sep 2019 at 11:15 PM Views: 561
So I got the spinal tap and I'm currently recovering.

Unfortunately they screwed up the first attempt and basically just stabbed my nerves a bunch, so I had to go get a fancier x-ray guided procedure done instead the next day. Other than being told by several people that I'd get a sedative up until I was in the room for the procedure and then being told I wouldn't, procedure went well. I do have a 'spinal headache' as they call it, but this isn't unusual or concerning after a spinal tap. It just means I can't sit up for very long without getting a massive headache. It should be better in a few days.

My fluid pressure was over twice of what's considered high, so thankfully they were able to take care of that. The procedure should help me feel better for a while, but the headaches are probably going to come back for a while unfortunately. I'm on medication to help with the pressure, but it generally takes a few months for it to fully go back to normal.

I'll be back to making cc once I can sit up normally, so hopefully within a week or two ^^
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