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Date Posted: 31st Jan 2020 at 5:41 AM Views: 460
Ok, so a few days ago I made a sim, he one I normally use since I just like the face shape and everything. I named him Vinny. He got rejected because
1. Cas pics are not aloud (even though I just use them to show outfits and his face)

2. "The sim doesn't look much at all like the person they're supposed to be, and needs adjustment to the face until the sim is a recognizable likeness." with a note saying "We try not find things that are not "default looking"

Mind you, this sim is not suppose to look like someone, also the face is a female preset with edits do to the forehead, lips, jaw, nose, ears, cheeks and eyes. So I was like. Fine, I'm going to try it again. So I make a new sim with a lot of CC, I use the same face since the main issue from the last rejected sim was "he doesn't look like the person they are meant to look like" Which again, they should not look like anyone. Following?

SO I make this new sim, edit the face a bit more, but this time he has pitch black skin, horns, black and blue eyes. I take pictures of him doing stuff out of CAS because I know for some reason CAS is bad for even just a blank head and side shot (Like the passport style pics they wanted) I make sure you see every outfit, and all sides of the sim. I made sure the pictures were nice and big (Because with my first sim, I got points off because of the pictures not being big enough) and submitted it. Only to be rejected again

This time they put: The sim is not terribly unique, mostly resembling the default faces. Some significant adjustment to the face is needed to make the sim truly unique. and add a note saying "He looks just like the previous sim"

Excuse me? You are saying that pretty much a demon sim with a ton of CC and a normal Non CC sim looks the same? No. I looked at the sims listed on the site and if the sims are not made to look like characters from media or famous people. They all look like normal sims with not much done to them.

Also I want to point out that in the submission thing, I got 5 stars in everything put "In Game" that getting a 1 star, which again I do not understand since every picture but a few where from in game. But because of that 1 star, it's telling me the whole screen shot section gets just 1 star. So, Getting 6, 5 stars mean nothing.

I've been playing this game since it first came out. I know what I'm doing and what I like. I made a sim who does look "unique" and "Different" from thing I have seen on the site so far. And from what I'm reading I pretty much have to destroy his face to even stand a chance. BUT reading all the guidelines for "How to make a sim" Makes me think if I try to change him to much he will get rejected again for being "too ugly" I spent hours on that sim carefully making him, editing everything how I wanted to look. and they pretty much said "This is shit try again"

Seriously no wonder I never tried to submit anything to this site its so difficult and dumb.
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