Updated Information On My Mods
Date Posted: 26th Apr 2020 at 11:12 PM Views: 366
Hello guys!

Many of you may have noticed by now that I no longer update my mods for Sims 2 and 3. If you updated any of my mods for Sims 2 and 3, post them to the threads where you got them from. I will update the main threads to point players to your updated mods.

I am still checking my Sims 4 mods every time there is a new pack or patch out. The updated information for both my Vampire-related mods includes instructions to put them into the Overrides folder inside the Mods folder for Sims 4. I overrode MCCC with my mods so I could gain the benefits of the work I made for myself. You can safely use my mods with MCCC.

I will also not provide support for any conflicts found between my mods and other players' mods because mine are simple tuning files, not complex ones I've seen out there.

Also, I have been thinking about uploading my military-related mod to the Sims 4 section. I looked around to see if anyone created mods for the EA military career and found nothing on the Sims sites. This gives me hope that I will be able to upload something original to MTS!

I started playing Sims 2 recently but do not expect me to make any more mods for that franchise. Or provide support for them. If there is a conflict, follow the general rule: one OR the other. You could attempt to load them by order if you want. Your choice!

Have a good, safe day!
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