Continuity remarks on Imaki's home (part 2)
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By late 2018 as well, Candi has met and fallen in love with Donte. A confused mix of love, lust, and fear of the uncertain future, the two lovebirds can't stay away for long. Indiana becomes a harsh, post-apocalyptic war zone following Affadidah's rampage. Erin is unable to be away from hospitalization for long, and the 1205 N. 1st. St. house falls into neglect.

Candi and Donte try to get around this by shacking up in a house on the far northeast side of town; but their consciences get the better of them. Candi vows she'll marry Donte as soon as they're able to. He promises to find an underground minister to perform the elopement. She then moves in permanently with Imaki in his bunker, while Donte remains squatting in abandoned homes.

She confesses to Erin how she allowed things with Danny to get too physical, and cannot in good conscience live with Erin anymore. Erin appreciates Candi's honesty; but still holds fast to the rules.

The strictness of those rules, however, and Erin's mistreatment of Marina when she was discovered to be pregnant, however, caused Miriam to resent Erin - to the point of rebelling and moving away permanently. Miriam moved in with the Couric family, and became engaged to their son Phil. Alas, Phil wouldn't live to see the dream come true of him and Miriam starting their lives over as ex-pats living in Hong Kong. And the MSS would gangpress Miriam into working for Task Force Black Rat, upon discovering she was Sniperbadger.

This meant Erin was now all alone - in a house she was no longer healthy enough to maintain. With fair complaints about her sisters' behavior; but lacking perspective regarding her own situation. And failing to plan ahead.

Erin was then murdered by Gunner and Skellig Soorfelt in her own home - a home which they then set on fire - in the early fall of 2019. Around that time, Candi was in South Bend with Dolly - escaping one of Affadidah's death camps.

Candi and Donte tried to seal up the 1205 N. 1st. St. house and live in it; but were unable to salvage the basement and utilities enough to make it truly practical. Since Dolly needed company as well, Candi and Donte finally agreed to abandon Erin's home entirely - and the shrine to Candi's fallen sister / legal guardian. They moved into Imaki's bunker, and remained living with Imaki in his bunker until the Sodality Exodus Event began.
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