New Year - New Goals!
Date Posted: 6th Jan 2021 at 12:03 PM Views: 94
Today, I received an MTS email advising I had accomplished a new achievement of 50 K downloads.

Now I need to plan what to do next or what other achievements I can do...other than finish this last box of chocs
So this week the plan is to try and finish items from Sims3 Late Night EP - kitchen, Lounge Bar - unsure if I can do a hot tub...?

Last night I tried to create a piano and it seemed fine: options to practice or perform okay, practice went okay; performing - tip jar as expected but no sound when the piano is playing. I really wanted to have this piano as it is cheap at $700!
I looked up any tutorials on musical instruments for help. There is an issue with musical instruments that came with Uni and a mod needs to be installed but as I used a basic game object I don't think there should be a problem.

This morning I tried to create the grand piano cloning the piano that came with Bon Voyage. It was the same story - Dirk tipped Darren $50 for a performance that could not be heard! I will put these on hold for now.

Please do not let there be more problems especially with counters...
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