Changes Required!
Date Posted: 17th Jan 2021 at 9:30 AM Views: 73
At the moment totally ticked off:-
Problem with sinks placed on my new Late Night counters not displaying correctly.
Problem when Sims perform my Late Night Piano and there is no sound yet okay when practicing.
Both of these ongoing and in the Object Creation Workshop & Repair Center Forum and I daresay I will come up with a solution.

Yesterday a PM to advise I need to fix the Dresser Drawer in my Sims3 Base Game Bedroom - no white trim and implying that I do not check out animations to add insult to injury! If that is the case why do I have two posts in the Creator's Repair Forum?
Naturally I replied with my comment on the issue, However, this morning I woke to realize there is no white trim on this dresser only a width length silver handle - so another post to the Moderator responsible.

I appreciate I still have a lot to learn about creating objects as I only have four and a half months experience; and I do enjoy creating and planning what to do next which drives me on. I am aware there will be objects beyond my creative skills and I accept that. Perhaps in the fullness of time, that will change. In the meantime though, it discourages me from further uploads and makes my mood pretty low when a Moderator (who I would dearly love to name and shame if I knew their name) does this.

I wish I still had some of my chocolate treats from Christmas...
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