Date Posted: 8th Feb 2021 at 10:40 PM Views: 39
Just wanted to update here. I've not worked on this at all for a long time... I am sorry, and when I've said it's not abandoned, it isn't. I do want to, and plan to finish it, eventually.

I just wanted to explain a little:

1) Pandemic - I work in the NHS full-time... I've been busy (I'm admin staff, not a nurse/doctor/etc, and I thank my clinical colleagues and all the others to the highest possibility for all their hard work and effort during this time).
2) Computer - my computer with all my mod/CC work and files died on me. I have a new one, and thank Arkay I decided to keep them on my One Drive, but my relative has my hard drive with my Sims 4 documents folder on. I might have lost stuff until I can get that back and I'm disheartened a bit.
3) Sadness - a close relative has been very ill recently and they might not be around for much longer. Should they pass away, I'm going to want a break away even more so. They passed away today (9.2.21)
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