Date Posted: 28th Feb 2021 at 12:14 PM Views: 76
I haven't updated my journal for six weeks or so.
I have now resolved the issue with counters and placing sinks but still to finish the remainder of kitchen objects e.g. fridge, cooker, wall cabinets before uploading.
I have also learned to separate groups from Sims3 meshes (which helped resolve the counter issue) and trying to learn to do dresser drawers - sometimes a hit; sometimes a miss (i.e. not perfect) - so still working on that. I wonder if one day I will think how did I not know how to do that...
In February worked on creating Nursery objects and set a target to finish today but don't think that will happen - maybe a few days from now.
The plan is to finish Nursery Objects, the Late Night Kitchen before moving on to any new projects (almost typed problems ).
I know members can't make requests but if anyone has a suggestion, I could work on that.
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