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RL Series: Houses I've Lived In

Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2018 at 8:59 PM

This is mostly a note to myself - but, if anyone else is interested... I've been meaning to Sim and upload a version of each of the houses I've personally lived in. There have been many! Below is a list - with notes on any progress that's been had

My parents first flat - Seattle/Renton, Wash.
7601 S 135th St, Seattle, Wash. (before remodel)
7601 S 135th St, Seattle, Wash. (after remodel) - build was started...
649 Hanover Ct, Spring Hill, Fl. - build was started...
Stetson Uni Dorm - Chaudoin Hall
Wesley House Campus Ministry
Grove Hamlet - Cardinal Apartments - DONE
Blueberry Hill - another "Cardinal Apt"
[...then back to Grove Hamlet; but done, and not gonna be redone...]
6422 Post Ct, Sprung Hill, FL - Granny's House - DONE
8088 Clipper Ct, Sprung Hill, FL - Our first house (that we bought)
Patchen Oaks Apartment, Lexington, KY
Mundy's Landing, Wilmore, KY
Woodlawn Parsonage - next to this church - Bardstown, KY
Ocala Forest - trailer/parsonage - Ocala, FL
Forest Corners - new - Parsonage, Ocala, FL
Yulee Parsonage, Yulee, FL
Sopchoppy Parsonage - old - Sopchoppy, FL
Sopchoppy Parsonage - new (It was orange!) - Sopchoppy, FL
Pasturelands Place (the HOA from Hell!) - Winter Garden, FL - build was started...
Lake Otis Dr, Winter Haven, FL - a rental - DONE
Lake Wales, FL - the last one! (before remodel) - build was started...
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Date Posted: 3rd Feb 2014 at 7:37 PM

Whew! I'm currently judging in Karen's "Campus Constructers" contest. Let me just say: judging is just a tough as I thought it would be. I'm trying my hardest to be fair and judge objectively - not take off points for just not liking the build... well, not too many points anyway. Also, I tried to write detailed, constructive, positive comments. I hope I succeeded in that regard; I think I did.

I just got my 'sticker' for participating in a contest - WOOT! My first contest participation was last August... O.o

I also have 50 uploads on here now! Go me! I've got a couple more uploads almost ready to post too
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DL Spree

Date Posted: 28th Jan 2014 at 6:05 PM

I was looking over Tiff's last lot upload and saw a few CC items that looked interesting... I shouldn't have followed the link, but I did. Just, you know, to 'see'... Yeah, the CC addict in me took over. I went on a 10+ hour DL spree. *sigh*

Know I have almost 4,000 new items to recategorize, test, and sort into my game. I can't wait to use some of the things I found - they are gorgeous! But, ugh... why do I have to be so anal about catalog placement?

When will I learn?
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What a mess!

Date Posted: 21st Jan 2014 at 9:35 PM

Today I'm cleaning up (and out) my DL folder. Again.

*sigh* I swear it has a mind of it's own. I try to keep it as neat and tidy as possible; but, somehow it gets into a mess. Kiri and BO over at Leefish are providing loads of help! I am eternally grateful, and deeply indebted to both of them BO is helping with my hacks folder while Kiri is looking into why my new graphics card isn't as shiny as it should be.

Can't wait to get completely back in the building groove! Meanwhile, I've been clearing a few projects off my desktop. And, actually getting some work done on my jewelry website.
...I'd rather be simming
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Not dead - yet...

Date Posted: 18th Jan 2014 at 8:36 PM

Oh poor little journal, I forgot ALL about you. I'll try to pay you more attention from now on ...really, I will.

Today I found a post from BO (Boiling Oil over at Leefish) about improving the wall overlay meshes that I did eons ago. He wrote the post a few less eons ago, but still long enough that I'm embarrassed to say I just NOW found it! So, anyway... I have taken his advice and fixed up my 3 overlay meshes. Finally. YAY!
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3 out of 6 are now up!

Date Posted: 2nd Sep 2011 at 8:27 PM

I haven't touched the other 3...

...and I started work on my first Apartment style place. It is a set of 4 townhomes - was gonna be a retirement home, but it's morphed a bit with construction and I think smaller families would enjoy living there too now. I hope I'm building it correctly - and 4 families will indeed be able to live harmoniously together on one lot. :D
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OK - How many hours later? Really?

Date Posted: 13th Aug 2011 at 10:52 PM

IE crashed just as I was inserting the last of the CC who-did-what information... yeah, I lost all that work. *sigh* I need to build something... I'll upload later, after my frustration subsides.
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2 months later...

Date Posted: 13th Aug 2011 at 6:30 PM

Well, I've compiled, photo'ed, and uploaded (and got approved - LOL!) several of the houses I mentioned in past journal entries.

I still have Catherine's Folly (the castle) and Josie's Shrimp Shack (homebusiness,) mentioned previously, that still need photos and CC compilation before they hit the upload queue.

Meanwhile... I have a Georgian Manor - which I'm hoping to get queued up today. And a Tea Shoppe - that might be queue-able today.

And, here are preview pix of the next one Nouveau Hacienda:

...and then there's also Portico Place: ...which I thought I'd photographed - huh, guess not. But, it'll probably be next after the Hacienda. Unless I go on another building binge, which is quite possible

If anyone reads this - please let me know what you think! K?
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YAY! Mootilda!

Date Posted: 16th Jun 2011 at 4:07 AM

Let me just say... Mootilda is the BESTEST!!! Cookies all 'round! Nom, nom, nom.

Not only did she figure out and fix my AGS difficulties, she went above and beyond to fix a few other naggly little things (yes, for those who read yesterdays rant, I now also have a working OFB version AGS!)

I've been busy with my shiny NL AGS tonight; I've added a carport and tbudgett's wall retainers - the house looks much better. It's about ready for the queue - just need to get my CC lists in order so it's easier to do the 'upload dance' ---

Thank you, Mootilda!
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AGS woes...

Date Posted: 14th Jun 2011 at 5:26 PM

From my last entry:
"...I made a Nouveau-Federal Manse. I didn't use much CC at all - so it will probably get uploaded the soonest (I gotta play-test it and take pix yet.)"
Well, I finally got that submitted last night - I'm sure I'll have corrections to make before it gets uploaded (if...)

Meanwhile, I did a little something for the Fitness Theme - which got accepted right away! (Thank you, mods!!!) I redid Woodland Park from the BG, and made the lake swimable. I put up 2 versions so all game configs can use it. Yea me!

Then, day before yesterday, instead of finishing up the previously mentioned houses , I tried my hand at another BG house. This time, an Earth-Sheltered sloped/hillside lot. I think it's pretty cool:

Now, what I'd like to do (and can't figure out how) is make an alternate version for NL with a carport and tbudgett's retaining wall system. BUT, I can't get the AGS to play nice with NL. It will be in the AGS3 slot, if that makes any difference. I installed/uninstalled/etc... AGS3/NL (and tried NL/UNI combo) all night last night, to no avail. HELP! I've also found (since I started using AGS) that I can't make a game with any config that uses OFB as the highest game. Which isn't really a problem - I wouldn't need that config anyway. But I'd really like a NL testing/building game!

Before you ask: yes, I've read every comment in all the AGS/BGS threads (young and old) and I've searched here and googled there for an answer. I found a few ideas to try - but they didn't work (obviously...) Honestly, I was up way past midnight last night trying to make this work.

PS: I'm on Vista/64 - and I've always followed Mog's advice with ticking the 'run as admin' box and also always right-clicking the icon and 'running as admin' to start the AGS game. I've had an AGS3 that worked fine (it was an "everything" game - to MG- and it has successfully been made permaGame3) I also have a BGonly in the PermaGame2 spot, and an AGS1 with NL/OFB/MG, and AGS2 with NL/BV/MG. I don't think my problem is with the 'user' , but that is a possibility. Ugh!

Any ideas would be enthusiastically accepted and tried. Thanks!
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