Workin hard, or hardly workin?

Date Posted: 23rd Aug 2011 at 7:29 PM

Okay so I've been totally distracted by this project I'm working on. I frustrates me that EA doesn't have many options for plants so I've been slaving away over here trying fix that. At first it was just a few meshes but now it's turned into a HUGE project that I think I'll call the "Plant Pack".

I keep sayin to myself "Okay, after this one that should be it...." but I keep thinking of more plants to add to the meshes that I've got and there I am in Gimp again working on another layer. I mean, how can I say no when such a great idea to save space!
Anyhoo they should be done in the next week or so I'm so excited!
Okie Dokie, back to work!
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Thinking about Simala Gaia....

Date Posted: 11th Aug 2011 at 11:01 PM

I've decided to wait to release my world until the next EP comes out. I'm sure there's gonna be a ton of new spawners and objects I can't wait! Until then I'm still working on some more objects I'll need for some themed buildings. First finish objects, next work on some buildings, then add new spawners, and finally release!

Well...that's the plan anyway.....
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