One last dance

Date Posted: 15th Mar 2014 at 2:16 PM

Took a while longer than planned, but I finally got around to check/update my mods. Tbh, I didn't playtest the ones that just compiled right away, though.

And... this is the last dance, right? No more updates coming for TS3, right? Right?
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Lack of... everything, really.

Date Posted: 18th Feb 2014 at 7:03 PM

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm terrible. RL has been taken all my time again and I've got completely out of touch. Again.

I'm planning to have a look at my mods soonish-ly, but no promises.

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Ensured compatibility with game version 1.38

Date Posted: 16th Sep 2012 at 8:29 PM

Well, that was anti-climactic! Ripped out the new libraries and altered them so my code can access everything it needs and... everything still compiled! Meh, I was actually looking forward to find stuff that was borked by the patch!

Well, so much for that then. Didn't look at the feedback yet, but I hope I get to that during the next couple days.

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Lack of updates and support.

Date Posted: 12th Sep 2012 at 6:51 PM

I have to admit I haven't even looked at my upload threads lately. Sorry about that!

Other things than modding have been taking up my time lately, and the a couple weeks ago my workstation died... dunno if that makes sense to you, but that among other things kinda killed my mojo. I have replaced the dead parts now, so I have a working computer again. Wouldn't dare to call it workstation, though.

My mojo isn't exactly back, but I do plan to update my mods next weekend. Sorry, I won't have time before then.

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Magic Mod - Progress Report

Date Posted: 8th Feb 2012 at 7:57 PM

After having my efforts thwarted by a cold before christmas, the flu during christmas and then a cold again after christmas, I'm currently working on the magic mod everyday during my daily train rides. I'm making some good progress. I'm really behind on testing, though. My little notebook (11.6") is surprisingly well-suited for coding, but it's near impossible to properly test stuff on it. After lots of refactoring and other unspfzkble gubbins, it's up to 21 finished or mostly finished spells now. Target for the release is at least 30 spells. Don't mistake that for a countdown for release, though! There's still other stuff I want to implement beside the spells.

BTW: The mod will be base-game-compatible. Some spells will require certain EPs, but that's strictly exceptional and will only cause them to be unavailable. In response to the one comment on the last entry: Turning sims into pets is very specific and incredibly invasive, so don't expect anything like that. Also I don't have the Pets EP.

And repeat: if you have ideas for spells, you can present them here. I will only implement what I like and what makes sense for the game, though.
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The Magic Mod

Date Posted: 28th Nov 2011 at 5:55 PM

Some of you guys have been asking when - or even if - the magic mod is going to be finished. One person in particuliar has been asking on a regular basis. One should think they got the idea the first dozen times they asked...

I AM still working on it. Thing is I had really little free time the past couple months and probably will have really little free time the next couple months as well. So I'm spending a lot less time on modding and checking my feedback etc. than I'd like to. However, even if that weren't the case, I'd still don't give an estimate on when the mod is going to be finished, because I just don't know. Honestly, I can't tell and I wouldn't even if I had an idea, because, you know, shit happens and plans go straight to hell.

On the bright side: the magic skill and all skill-related thingies included are fully implemented, there are custom animations - thanks to my co-modder whose name I won't tell at this point, so people don't start asking him when the mod is going to be finished - and 11 finished or mostly finished spells. If you have ideas for spells, you can present them here. I will only implement what I like and what makes sense for the game, though.
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