Date Posted: 4th Feb 2013 at 5:00 PM

So my ToT challenge went up in flames quite some time ago, I lost all my neighborhoods and had to start completely from scratch. I'm currently working on a legacy style family (well two families that I have combined into one) I've become a little obsessed with taking lots of pictures to catalog everything that happens with the family. Perhaps I will make a website to tell their story
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Lets try this again shall we

Date Posted: 15th Apr 2012 at 12:01 AM

I got the seasons expansion yesterday and decided to restart my ToT challenge. I originally was just going to continue it but once one of my starter couples spontaneously burst into flames after only playing them for one sim day, in there house, while sleeping, I decided to go ahead and restart. This gives me a chance to make better Neanderthal names than before and start using the W7 Sim Tracker to keep track of all my info, as well as set up their caves. (I decided to go ahead and use CC) I have already created all five houses and two of the five couples, three more and then I can get started on round one. Yippeee
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Let the challenge BEGIN!

Date Posted: 6th Apr 2012 at 11:39 PM

I decided to try the test of time challenge today for lack of anything else to do and I'm getting pretty bored of the family I'm currently playing. The last time I tried a challenge it didn't work out so well because I downloaded to much CC for the theme. This time I have removed some of my CC from my Download folder and will be using very little CC. I found a site that has a wonderful program to generate first and last names for your sims so I already have the names of the starting five families.
Danny and Aimee Hickman
Kaleb and Natalie Gonzalez
Vic and Lily Castillo
Clay and Norah Finch
Alvin and Kamber Pruitt
I am particularly fond of the name Kamber maybe I'll make it a family name
I did make a slight alteration to the ToT rules. Since I have the inTeen mod I decided to have girls married off as teenagers rather than waiting until they are adults. The only exception I have is if the girl is the eldest, then she must wait until her eldest brother is of age to marry.
Edit: I made another alteration and did away with the restriction of only a family with skin 1 or 2 can become Emperor, I'm not particularly fond of such a restriction.
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