Young Adults part 1

Date Posted: 11th Sep 2021 at 7:23 AM

Playing Young Adults

I get asked how I play Young Adults in the main hood quite often, so I thought I would outline some of the things I do and the mods that I use.

"Hang on, young adults can be played in the main hood?" Yes!
"So you play them as uni students there"? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I play them as an age stage and like any other age stage, I like to try and step outside the box the game tries to give us.

"I bet this is going to take a lot of mods" It takes a few...

Part 1As Students

There are two mods for playing uni in the main hood.
Squinge's Collage pack:,96190.0.html
This small pack of mods includes:
No Memory Uneducated Stops Sims getting negative memories from not going to college.
No Want Satisfy Uneducated Stops any uneducated fears being filled. Both mods stop them from crying over not attending uni. Useful even if you grow teens straight to adults.
College Interactions On Any Lot This allows your young adults to perform their college tasks like writing term papers and assignments and doing college research from the bookcase wherever they happen to be. This could be at home, a community lot library or even down on the beach, so long as you have a laptop and a table and chair.

Teen To Young Adult No College EP8
and YA Birthday Cake Let's your teen sim blow out the candles to become a young adult. They will look and sound just like any other young adult complete with uni pannel. The cake also adds a memory of went to college. This is nice since your sims are doing uni, just from home or some other location rather than moving to a campus.

Pack conflicts with
Squinge's No Autonomous Research & Assignment mod conflicts with College Interactions On Any Lot
Pescado's College Rampage from Macrotastics will not work if Young Adults remain at home.
TJ's Stinky Dormie Fix will conflict with the CollegeInteractionsOnAnyLot.

Also required a Semester Tester. This is to start the college clock that normally counts down the hours to the final exam.
If you don't click 'start class' the clock will not start and will remain at 72 hours to the final exam (Or whatever uni length mod you use).
You can also 'stop class' at any point for a break and 'start class' again when ready.

This can be obtained by using boolprop or downloaded as the original apple statue
But I use the book model by Sunrader and there are other models available there now. Each YA doing college needs their own semester tester object.

You can have your YA continue to live at home or they could move in with a group of other YA or find their own flat or house. They will leave the lot to go to class and for the final exam and can do their college work but otherwise won't experience college life like cheerleaders, cows or dormies. I find this a refreshing change as those things can get old if repeated a hundred times.

Lion's Gold record
This is for those who would like to bring more of the actual college life into the main hood. This mod will let your YA experience all the uni NPC's and life in a dorm without going to uni. I have only used this once because I prefer to leave the uni experience for those going to uni-and yes some of my YA do head off to college but that's a whole other post on what rules I use to decide who goes or not.

Notes about this mod taken and condensed from MATY.
Object Catagory: Deco > Paintings
Price: $50.

Place/build a residential lot in your main hood. Load the lot and place the GoldRecord anywhere on the lot. Save and exit.
If you change the lot to dorm (using "changelotzoning dorm" cheat), you can even have uni dormies move in with you.

Move in a teen from the sim bin. The teen will transition into a YA, the intro video (with a teary eyed parent) will play, and everything on the lot will work as if you are in a private house (or dorm if you made it one) in a uni sub-hood. All visitors should be uni students.

Known issues:
(1) Students may or may not go to class autonomously. If so click the student and choose "go to class".
(2) The dorm cook does not come. Use Inge's SHINY TYME NPC EVERYWHERE PATCH to force spawn a cook. Found on Simlogical.
(3) The semester timer does not count down. You will need a semester tester. See above for details on this ^

Part 2 will be on all the ways I play YA in the main hood who are not going to be doing uni at all.
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Lot Cleaning

Date Posted: 6th Nov 2017 at 4:25 AM

Hi, I was asked to come give you some help with lot cleaning. This was originally discovered by Jawusa.

What I do is open the lot in simpe. So open simPe and go up to Tools >package Tools> Open sims2 pack. Having the pack on the desktop makes it easy. That will open a window, just click open.

Look to the list on the left and scroll it down. You will see things such as Sim Information, Sim Relations (SREL),
SimDNA, Sim Wants and Fears (SWAF), SimScores and FamilyTree -all things relating to sims.
Click on each one in turn and highlight all of them over in the right column. I click in the blank space and do CTL A to highlight them all. Then I right click the highlighted part and select delete. You will see all those files now has a line through them like this Once they are all done go up to save, you will only have Save As, as an option.

Go to your desktop and you will find that simpe file that you just saved with whatever name you saved it as. That is your new clean lot.

What I do next is go to documents, the sims 2. In there you will find the Lot catalog. Now there is probably more than one way to do this. I simply make a new folder and put all those lot files into it. Then I grab that cleaned lot file, paste it in the lot catalogue folder so it’s the only one and rename it Cx_00000001.package
Run your game and go to the new test hood. If you have lots of cc, it's best to not only have a test hood but also a test game. It's very easy to rename your sims 2 folder and force the game to make you another. Because there is no cc in the new one it will load super fast. So in your test game open that test hood and you should find it’s the only lot in the lot bin. When you grab it you will see it has some ridiculous low price tag, that is your nod that the lot is now cleaned. Now don't worry everything is still there and once you place the lot its price will show up like it should.

Now that you have your cleaned lot placed down, load it up and move one thing. Could be a chair, then place it back. Now save and go to hood view. Your lot is now cleaned and ready to be packaged.

I hope that helps and everything is clear.

Adding a link to the tutorial
And a direct link to the file:

Lot Cleaner Globe removes the Super Hug
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Photobucket :(

Date Posted: 20th Aug 2017 at 1:54 AM

Photobucket has royally messed up all my download pictures that I had in my text area of my older uploads. I am going to start to try and fix these up but they may have to remain pictureless. Not only do the links not work since photobucket decided to make us all pay $400 -yeah not happening. Some of my albums have disappeared.
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Cubic Metre Dorms

Date Posted: 24th Oct 2013 at 11:29 AM

A few more pictures of the dorm I just uploaded.

The Pink and Grey bedroom


TV Room
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All my lots are back!

Date Posted: 14th Aug 2013 at 10:07 AM

All my lots here on MTS are back.
I still have other lots on Live Journal that need cleaning, but it's a big relief to know all these ones are cleaned of the Debug Hug.

In case you missed what that is about, read here:
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Update on my lots

Date Posted: 10th Aug 2013 at 4:28 AM

I am happy to say my Water park is back up!

I have now found a way to clean my lots and they will all be back up over the next few days. I would like to say a big thank you to all these wonderful people.

Numenor for Any Game Starter, which I am using to clean my lots.
esmeiolanthe, for testing my mods and keeping me calm.
Dominie for cleaning my retirement home and for testing my lots many times.
Leefish for putting my lots back up and for being a great source of help.
Phaenoh,Boiling Oil and Mootilda for their input and help.
To anyone else who helped in any small way. :lovestruc
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Lots Temporarily removed

Date Posted: 20th Jul 2013 at 9:31 AM

It has come to my attention that my game developed the Maxis Social “Super Duper Hug” from a badly made extended family mod found on MATY. This action has been uploaded invisibly in some of my lots. I am currently taking down all my lots to check and clean this annoying action from them. This may take me quite awhile to clean out and re-upload my files. You can find a fix for this here: I’m sorry for this inconvenience.
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Reception Centre

Date Posted: 15th May 2013 at 11:11 AM

I made this as a request.
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Pleasantview Makeover Contest~ Jones House

Date Posted: 18th Oct 2012 at 3:06 AM

I had a request by MimiSim to upload the house I made over for the Jones family in the Pleasantview Home Makeover Contest.

Pictures here: near the bottom of page 10.

I cleared away some useless things and hacks in Clean Installer that tried to come with it. The download is still somewhat cluttered with recolours as I wasn't sure what was and what wasn't included in the actual house, so I left them all.
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Wet n Wicked the Resort

Date Posted: 13th Jun 2012 at 7:57 AM

Thought I should post something here. So here are a few shots of the build I am working on. Wet n Wicked Resort. Since someone mentioned it and since Wet n Wicked has had such a good response-thanks for all the comments I appreciate them all. I decided to build it as a resort. The lot is probably only really good for good computers as now it's not only chockers with plants and fences but also a resort hotel.

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