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More memes on the way.

Date Posted: 3rd Dec 2014 at 6:43 AM

I'd like to thank those who showed interest in my re-creation of Overly Attached Girlfriend. I'm considering also doing Overly Manly Man, Bad Luck Brian, Karate Kyle, Idiot Nerd Girl, Sudden Clarity Clarence, and Most Interesting Man. If a future expansion allows for creating various animals, I'll consider Malicious Advice Mallard, Paranoid Parrot, Philosoraptor, and Insanity Wolf.

If you have a request, please leave a comment to this journal entry and I'll look into it.

Update: If you want to get her now, you can get her here.

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Another meme on the way, and more

Date Posted: 28th Nov 2014 at 7:59 AM

Recently submitted the Overly-Attached Girlfriend meme character to the queue. Here's hoping she's approved.

The Gorillas' chapter 1 stage is almost complete. Young Flix looks almost as cool as his older self.

I may be out of the "office" for a few days.
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Progress on Gorillas Machinomic

Date Posted: 25th Nov 2014 at 6:41 AM

The Q-Basic Gorillas machinomic in Sims 3 is underway. The wiki has been revised, but will undergo more revision in time to reflect changes.

Below are the chapter titles I've figured out:

I have a template for DSHW in place, and can soon begin building page structures. Text for each page will need to be figured out in a script, along with planned images for screen capture in the game. Once these are in place, "filming" can take place. Each panel will have to be carefully planned out.

It is entirely possible, however, that I can finish the entire thing in five months. And can have a first chapter on MTS by the end of January.
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Q-Basic Gorillas: The Machinomic

Date Posted: 23rd Nov 2014 at 7:23 AM

It has been suggested by Heaven and CamKitty that my Q-Basic Gorillas fanfic be turned into a machinomic on this site. I'm willing to take them up on the machinomic offer.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the files work for an upload to MTS. But they can still be downloaded here for those who feel they simply must have them. The Sims3Pack files have been scanned and packaged carefully, so nothing objectionable should be inside. Follow the advice on the posting for links to their weapons and accessories. Their extra fur is a Photoshop brush: triple-blade-of-grass, with one paint color being black and the other #484848.

I am figuring out a production schedule. I suspect the first story to take five months to adapt to a machinomic. I should be able to finish the first chapter before Christmas. I'll make progress reports as necessary.

In the mean time, for those interested, I've got a song on AmIRight about it, set fittingly enough to a Stan Bush tune.

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SCP-811 now on DzMD (updated)

Date Posted: 21st Nov 2014 at 4:41 AM

You can now download her here.

Update: She has been submitted here to the moderation queue. It was very hard to find any good comparison images, since most SCP fanart consists of chibis. If approved, she'll mark the second success I've had with Sims 4.
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Sims 4 poll

Date Posted: 17th Nov 2014 at 6:29 AM

Like with my Sims 3 poll below, this is my Sims 4 poll. Simply comment to vote on which item you most want to see on MTS.

DzMD Sims 4 items, may be shared on MTS
  • Ciem costume (It's a little crude, and comes with a luchador mask, but it's a Ciem suit all the same.)
  • Sid Ranhofer from Citric Sid (Note: While a Dozerfleet property, he's currently a Sims 4-exclusive.
  • The Godfather: Vito Corleone (I can now create a more-film-accurate version, now that I have Sims 4 Studio and the actual game.)
  • Cast of Inception (Note: Ariadne doesn't have her scarf. Set contains Dom, Mal, Ariadne, Yusef, Saito, Fischer, Eames, and Arthur.)
  • Cast of Sharknado (Note: Sharks, tornadoes, and weapons not included. Set contains Fin, Baz, Nova, April, and Claudia.)
  • Turtle Man from The Master of Disguise (Note: Pistachio's other forms not included.)
  • The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers (Note: Set contains simplified versions of cast. Only street outfits included. Keet's beak effects incomplete. Tail not included. Weapons and vehicles not included.)
  • Cast of Blood Over Water (Note: Sodality-era Purge-Flare outfit for Chris not included. Weapons not included. Height tweaks not included.)
  • Human Cast of The Trapezoid Kids (Note: Trapezoids themselves not included. Octolipi not included. Slettermans not included. Set contains Karen Mindoche, Keith Witterman, Principal Renny, Agent Spitz, and Agent Mutters.)
  • Sodality
    • MSS Team Black Rat (Note: Trenchcoats and weapons not included. Set contains Agents Black Rat, Stung Hornet, Tin Dragon, and Teal Hog of the Chinese MSS.)
    • Agents of SCALLOP* (Note: Some parts not included. Set contains Agents Marion Wevenil, Thevia Logindil, Brian Mizgel, Fadimo Woziga, Jim Oisdaat, Shaniqua Tamery, and Chad Orvain. Set does not include Carlos or Anders, Hebbleskin Gang members who infiltrate the Houston base with stolen SCALLOP combat uniforms in season 2.)
  • Grillitan Diner Sign (pending methods)

For the time being, Stationery Voyagers items for Sims 4 will be DzMD-exclusive, as will most Gerosha content not listed here.

Again, just leave a comment to vote on which of these you'd most like to see on MTS. Most - if not all - of the items listed above, will be on DzMD regardless.

Note: DzMD uses multi-family-member tray and .package files, similarly to Sims Resource. MTS uses .package and single-family-member tray files. This may lead to delays in MTS releases from DzMD releases, given the file format regulation differences.

* "SCALLOP" stands for "Security-Centric Alliance Lending and Learning Of Phaelites." It's a long story, going back to Sims 2-era aliens. The green-skinned defaults based on Pollination Technician were re-worked in the mythos as "Phaelites," with original "graphite-ish" skintone becoming their rivals, the "Meethlites."
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DzMD Sims 3 Exclusives

Date Posted: 17th Nov 2014 at 6:17 AM

The following items are going to be exclusive to DzMD for Sims 3:

The Gerosha Chronicles
  • The Triangulum, Stan and Shalia's triangular house, built some time just after the events in The Battle for Gerosha. The house where Candi, Miriam, and Marina lived for the first seven years of their lives.
  • Sodality
    • The Flippo Family (Sadasheeva Cherupara, Alexis Hood, Dwayne Lloyd, Marissa Hood, Alison Ligash, Tobey Flippo, Insila Murtillo, Darius Philippine, Nancy Philippine, Lex Philippine, Mallorie Wade, Silo Wade, Stan Flippo, Shalia Flippo, Reily Flippo, Geoffrey Wyer, Patricia Wyer, Erin Wyer-Flippo, Candi Levens, Miriam Flippo, Marina Baret, Matt Baret, Andy Baret, Phil Couric, Ashlee Flippo, Kirby Flippo, and some instructions on how to create Ciem and Haishui costumes. Sniperbadger Detroit Tigers cap and Snakes on a Plane t-shirt pending.)
    • Sodality of Gerosha Founding Elites (Emeraldon, Earwig, Botan the Plant-Man, Meerkat, Mukade, and Jackrabbit.)
    • Sodality of Gerosha Support Staff (Laurie Pegol, Emily Cormier, and Miranda Kanla.)
    • Sodality of Gerosha Core Founders (Imaki Izuki, Wilbur Brocklyn, and Tyler Kilmington.)
    • Sodality of Florence (Sapphire King, Taterbug, Cocklebur, Feruga, and Chris Kennal's Purge-Flare outfit.)
    • Chinese MSS (Black Rat, Stung Hornet, Tin Dragon, Teal Hog, and Steve McLaine.)
    • Agents of SCALLOP* (Marion Wevinil, Thevia Logindil, Brian Mizgel, Fadimo Woziga, Chad Orvain, Jim Oisdaat, Shaniqua Tamery)
    • Hebbleskin Gang (Duke Arfaas, Gunner Soorfelt, Skellig Soorfelt, Musaran, Captain Aardwulf, Milp, Lobe, Cupric, Rockpapsci, Merle Hourvitz, Melvin Markus, Don the Psycho, and Wayne the Vampire.)
    • Misc. Villains (Halal Affadidah, Judge Terry Beliah, Victor Nanale, and Jawknee.)
  • The Gray Champion: Modern Legends Set (Gray Champion, Mapacha, Dae Pang, Joo-Chin Pang, Hea Pang, Tabitha Pang, Kyle Medsor, Dereck Johnson with Eqquibus recipe, Chillingworth II, Blackveil, Shrouded Entity, Oraphim, Samuel Fortin, Chillingworth I, Hester Prynne, Kicked Deer, Pablo Ramirez, and Anna Ramirez.)
  • The Pilltar Adventures Set (Pilltar, Strawberry, Ponicatar, and Stagtar recipes, Seth Lambrelli, Ron Barrin, Stephanie Barrin, Scott Morrisson, Microwave Mouth, Roger Homink, Tod Bandberry, Deanna Bandberry, Screwworm, and Theresa Barrin.)
  • The Exploits of a Navy Rope Set Set (Navyrope, Tiffany Sterlie, Wanda Sterlie, Jordan Sterlie, Clarence Felick, Garret Whaling, Randall Keering, Bob Thrittle, Katie Johnson)
  • The Experiments and Offspring Set (Fred Thernip, Centipede Charlie, Lacey Akawa, Becky Ryba, Arrowfrog, Anarteq, and Molarity.)
  • The Battle for Gerosha Support Set (Jeanette, Fantisk, Luddin, Mitch Brandel, Lionel Sanchez, Trina Sanchez, Amelia Sanchez.)
  • The Gerosha Ancients Set (Lord Zeras, Catalina Carpathius, Markus Mortikus, Shortimo, Blazarik, Dephinol, Gen. Feng Shoo, Cap. Henry Lohtz)

Stationery Voyagers
  • The Inktactillia Keepers (Mitchell Lomken, Cal Bacon, Elliot Brownside, Ronda Moleary)
  • Ivan Witherpool
  • The Mosquatlons (Cindy Martius, Sylvia Martius, Varikton Vanqushuun, Athlia Vanqushuun, Kevin Hornter, Lila Kilomes, Frederick Powderkov, Nikolai Ripilski.)
  • The Aviatets (Gruvis, Oobalid, Pavonan, Fricassee.)
  • Humanized Voyagers (Rhodney Antilles, Oceanoe Hendelbin, Marlack Inkripe, Pinkella Goldsen, Viola Hunt, Neone Delft, Liquidon Ethereteel, and Erasaxo Herrick. Since Arnold "Pextel" Rubblindo and Rev. Richard "Cybomec" Ribando are Mechanical Pencils, Lamdock's spell doesn't work on them. They can't assume human form, and are always Stationeries.)
  • Royal Military of Markerterion - Humanized Royalty (Alhox, Pinkata, Maraldos, and Nonpriel in human forms. Bluque remains a Stationery. Likewise, Clandish "Cybomec" / "Preamble" Consto remains a Stationery.)
  • Astrabolo Humanized
  • The Mystery Wanderer (With King Melchar form pending. Would be both a werewolf and a witch, if possible.)
  • The Angelic Army of Minshus (Minshus, Dolondri, Levio, Gabon, Filforth, Cavalore, Maurice, Cherinob, Martarel.)
  • The Fallen Angels Darko (Vile Chameleon, Dark Wanderer.)
  • Dabor and Meelia
  • The Edge Skidders Humanized (Garret Nobee, Katrina Mantalone)
  • The Bindaf 3000

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Inception now on DzMD for Sims 2 and 3

Date Posted: 13th Nov 2014 at 11:41 PM

I now have Inception Sims available for Sims 2 and 3 on DzMD. A Sims 4 set is on its way as well. Right now, I'm building the index pages for Sims 3 and 4. I suspect to have the TS3 index completed some time before the end of tonight. Uploads will be pulled from the old Utterly Sims blog, until everything there has been vacated. Then, Utterly Sims will be deleted and Dozerfleet Labs' official blog will be the new home for all Dozerfleet Sims Collection items. All Sims 4 items will be located there, though I do intend to share more of them on MTS. In my last post, I issued a poll to see what you'd like to see most. Just leave comments on that post to vote from the options given.
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Sims 3 Poll: Which items would you like to see next?

Date Posted: 13th Nov 2014 at 3:55 AM

While Sims 2 modding for me is just about at an end, I do have a few items for Sims 3 that are either ready to go for DzMD, or in the pipeline. While a few Dozerfleet items are acceptable for MTS sharing, those items or characters that are NOT specific to Dozerfleet Comics are items I'm most willing to share on MTS as well as DzMD.

But before I make a submission to the moderation queue, I'd like some thoughts on this from the community. This is the Sims 3 poll. I've made the Sims 4 one a separate poll.

The following items are in consideration, and you can leave a comment to vote on what you'd like:

Shareable on MTS, DzMD Pending

The following are being readied for sharing for Sims 3 on DzMD, and are readily-feasible for MTS:
  • The Phaemer VIllage Peacekeepers (Note: Keet Kabo's beak effects incomplete. Set contains Keet Kabo, Time Capsule, the Socratic, Bolte Chipotle, Jackal Semicolon, Chancellor Avori, and Major Gosmerid. While Dozerfleet characters, they are similar in nature and tone to the Guardians of the Galaxy - and more compatible with the game. Set comes with the Peacekeepers' street outfits and their space travel uniforms for off-Phaelon missions.)
  • The Grillitan Diner Sign (Atavera mesh remake) (pending)

Shareable - MTS-Ready

The following have already been added to DzMD, and are awaiting your vote for inclusion on MTS:

Again, just leave a comment to vote on which of these you'd most like to see on MTS. Most - if not all - of the items listed above, will be on DzMD regardless.

Note: DzMD uses Sims3Pack and .package files, similarly to Sims Resource. MTS uses .package, and .sim files. This may lead to delays in MTS releases from DzMD releases, given the file format regulation differences.

* "SCALLOP" stands for "Security-Centric Alliance Lending and Learning Of Phaelites." It's a long story, going back to Sims 2-era aliens.
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Good, Bad, and Ugly News on Upgrades

Date Posted: 11th Nov 2014 at 6:37 AM

The Good

I now have a Blu-ray burner. I can fit all of Dozerfleet Labs on a single DVD still, but now possess the ability to copy my entire life's work to a mere eight BD-Rs, seven if I leave off the EA data. Which means if I use dual-layer BD-R's, then I'm looking at compressing my whole life down to only four or five Blu-Rays. That includes any surviving videos from the SWOCC and Ferris State days. Now I just need to find these discs in an M-Disc variant, and I can have a system restore that will last a lot longer than I will. "Written in stone," says Millienata, the makers of M-Disc tech. And that seems more and more like the way to go.

If an EMP hits, an M-Disc would be totally unaffected. Theoretically, it could even survive a nuke. Meaning, someone else could find it and kick-start Dozerfleet Productions anew, long after I'm a pile of ash.

Even if sudden, extreme conditions destroyed the dyes making up an ordinary Blu-ray, my data on an M-Disc would be safe. And I have a burner that can get me there. That way, I don't lose everything if my hard drives crash and the Cloud gets wiped out by terrorists. And it's way more convenient than DVDs, which I've found to be not as useful as I'd hoped.

On the data front, I'm much more secure with my storage media than I've ever been before.

The Bad

Given my work schedule heading into the 2014 Christmas season, time for experimentation will be very limited. The cost to get the burner set me back a little, so other R&D projects which might cost me real-world money will be put on the back burner.

Also, there's a discrepancy between my 2014-fresh burner, and my not-quite-five-year-old PC. Turns out, 2010 and 2015 don't like each other. Who would've guessed? Anyway, the heart of the matter is this: no 3D Blu-ray. My monitor can't handle 3D, and my ATI Radeon 4200 doesn't like it either. So for the time being, all my 3D work will have to continue using anaglyph tech. Which is great, if you want to watch a slideshow of my Sims 3 artwork for Sodality on DeviantArt and have a pair of Trioscopic or red-cyan glasses. But if you wanted to see The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D on my new drive, you'd be outta luck. In fact, I've had to drop 3D for everything except Sodality. Even the sequels to Sodality, like Battle for Metheel and Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, have dropped the 3D act. Maybe someday, 3D. Maybe someday. I have a lot of hope for you; but today isn't your day.

The Ugly

And this is the biggest wall-banger of all: No HD playback! Turns out, I need an HDMI or DVI port in the back of both my monitor and my PC before Blu-ray discs will send their full hi-def feeds to my monitor. Even though it's a 2010 version of VGA, my only cable option is VGA. And VGA is analog, and unable to handle Blu-ray HD demands. So when I put The Hobbit 2 in my Blu-ray player, the footage down-converts to DVD quality before playing.

So yes, I can buy and watch Blu-ray movies at home now. And I don't have to borrow the living room from anyone to watch them anymore. But if I watch them from my home workstation, then they won't look any better than a DVD. So while I would love to start buying my films on Blu-ray, my visual quality might not immediately look any different from a DVD. Therefore, for the time being, it still makes more sense to buy DVD movies and save a little cash! Ugh!

The Downright Obscenely Hideous

The desktop, wonderful as it is, won't last forever. But it'll take me at least another seven months before I can afford a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. By then, the Pro 4 might be out. Life can be challenging without a laptop/tablet for on-the-go purposes. And that setback is partially due to the cost of the Blu-ray burner.

One ray of hope, however, is that the DzMD pipeline should be able to move along just fine in the mean time. However, Sims 3 modding is nearing an end for me. I'm considering making the Grillitan sign into a Sims 3 light. And a Sims 4 light, once tools to do that with are made available. Otherwise, the Phaemer VIllage Peacekeepers are my final entry in Sims 3 creations that I'm considering for DzMD and MTS uploading. Without a system that can handle the game's optimization (or lack thereof,) it's simply no longer practical for me to be using it extensively. Sims 4, as time goes by, may eventually prove useful enough that I rarely need Sims 3 anymore. Only time will tell.
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