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Journal initiation and updates on DzMD progress

Date Posted: 10th Nov 2014 at 10:21 PM

Now with things back in the swing, it seems appropriate that viewers now have a way to know what is coming down the pipeline from Dozerfleet Machinomic Downloadables, a line operating through Dozerfleet Labs.

Sims 2 news

Apart from the stretchSkeleton set, which appears to remain popular even this many years after its initial release in 2007, there are few plans to bring back to MTS any of the old Sims 2 items. Gerosha Chronicles and Stationery Voyagers characters can be found at the DzMD index page for Sims 2 downloads, located here at the Dozerfleet Labs blog on Tumblr.

If there are enough requests, then there may be a release of the redux of the Bachelor's Paradise House, the original version of which had some level of popularity on MTS back in the day. All other properties from back then not sent to MTS may be found at DzMD.

Items not returning to either site include:
  • The Gray Champion (improved version requires content from All About Style)
  • Becka Rangers: Nemo Thunder (Taken down for personal reasons)
  • Denny Levens, first husband of Candi Levens / Ciem (character is no longer Gerosha canon, as of Earth-G7.)
  • Khumar and Lindsay Hamilton (exiled from canon as of Earth-G7.)
  • Honeybee Samuel (Sam Wrikon himself remains canon in Earth-G7, but his supernatural bee form hasn't been canon since Earth-G6.)
  • Kelly Stables
  • Dhalia Lorrice
  • Any characters from 90 Has No Secant or Cursed is the Ground (The entire Meshalutian series has been canceled.)
  • The Multis Canis Arborem Latin Frat Sign (It's inaccurate Latin for "The Many Dogs of the Many Trees.")
  • PSE1 Sky Projector Recolor (rendered obsolete when Seasons was released)
  • Domino's pizza box override (was based too much on the Pizza Hut mod.)

Other items that are being restored on DzMD may or may not be returning to Mod the Sims, based on popular demand.

Sims 3 news

Based on popular demand, some items that will be added to DzMD for Sims 3 may also be added to MTS. Most Gerosha items, however, will remain exclusive to DzMD. The cast of the upcoming Blood Over Water novelization may make it to MTS. The fanfic of Q-Basic Gorillas could also see quite a few of its entries become future MTS uploads, though the Ice Chimps' future on MTS depends on whether or not their chest symbol can be ported.

The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers are being considered for MTS, but no promises yet. No Stationery Voyagers characters, however, for this game, will be available on MTS. Only a few will be added to DzMD. This does NOT include humanized versions of the Stationery beings. Otherwise, expect most items for Sims 3 on DzMD to remain there. Tiemess the Jithy Knord will be a DzMD exclusive, since his hair requires Photoshop post-editing and his proper hair mesh has yet to be made.

Sufficient popular demand could lead to a release of the Triangulum on MTS for Sims 3. Also, the Greatest Adventure characters have been re-made for Sims 3. They could very well appear on MTS and DzMD, but will be on DzMD for certain.

Sims 4 news

Once all items for 2 and 3 have been sorted properly, the focus will shift rapidly to Sims 4 items and support for them. The Sharknado 2 T-shirts were only the beginning. A practical Ciem costume has been made. More costumes could be coming down the line.

But the best part of Sims 4 are the Sims themselves, by far. Even if some of the cool cheats can be ignored, with all the game's flack in its early release, no one can take away the fact that it has some of the best-looking characters to date. Even in bad lighting, they look good. Also, the game's optimization is remarkably improved over that of Sims 3.

As a result, ramping up release of Sims 4 downloads should take very little time.

Here's a foretaste of what's being planned for DzMD:
  • Most Gerosha Chronicles characters, adapted for Sims 4. This doesn't just include the basics like Ciem and Emeraldon. It also includes the Agents of SCALLOP and Miriam's MSS friends like Stung Hornet.
  • The Mosquatlons and Inktactillia Keepers from Stationery Voyagers
  • Slender Man (?)
  • Human Cast of The Trapezoid Kids
  • Dr. Strange
  • The cast of Sharknado
  • The cast of Inception
  • Citric Sid
  • The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers
  • SCP-811
  • Turtle Man from The Master of Disguise
  • Vito Corleone. Now that I have the game, I might make another attempt to upload him here. The only reason he wasn't approved the first time was due to lack of actual in-game screenshots, which won't be an issue this time. For certain, though, he will be on DzMD.

All other entries coming to DzMD that make it to MTS will be based on either popular demand or perceived demand potential.
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