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Mannequin : the return ?

Date Posted: 13th Sep 2015 at 12:38 AM

I've a day to look around, so I'll examine the human NPC. It seems that it is not really safe to manipulate. Moreover, the GLOBAL "NPC Create OOW" isn't usable without default replacing the human NPC ; so I've tried to create my own line in Primitive Constant 132 to use GLOBAL "NPC Create OOW" but it doesn't work : the controller NPC pool doesn't recognize it.

I'll see that later, for now I'll try to transfer all informations of Mannequin's pie menu to the podium instead of the NPC, inspiring myself from the human statue :

- Save NPC ID in the podium => create attribute "NPC ID" - OK ! -
It seems that it was all that was needed for the NPC to keep the same pose and outfit category (but not the outfit itself), but only if you say yes to the saving when quiting. If you save separatly, then quit, it won't save the NPC.
=> create a retrieve Mannequin BHAV ?
=> create a loading BHAV that will use the attribute "NPC ID"

- Keep NPC informations in the podium
=> create attributes "Chosen Pose" & "Chosen Outfit Category" to keep them - OK ! -
=> create several links in the NPC to "My Container Id" in order to transfer informations to the podium - OK ! -
Is it still necessary ? Yes, for the mannequin's pose not to be resetted when changing outfit.

- Cut the "Customize" Interaction in several different interactions (one for each outfit category - OK ! - + one for buy jewel + one for change appearance)

- Add a system to choose the age of Mannequin in Community (not start live) => one recolor = one age ?

- Block all customize & category interaction with guardian + Add Unpack interaction & guardian + add skin unpack + change init category in naked => when first init, there's only the interaction "unpack" and it is alwys in an unpack appearence
NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT GLOBAL DR OF AN NPC => only guardians are - OK ! -
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Preview of My Second Download Post

Date Posted: 25th Aug 2015 at 12:37 AM

Truly Customisable Mannequin : The Anonymous Plastic Mannequin NPC !

meet my shopping male adult mannequin that can wear nearly anything !!!!

It's an Object Mod (a podium : Poly count should be 30 faces) and a totally not template new NPC (the equivalent poly count of most sims,ie - quite high), so it doesn't override anything in the game.
You have to buy the podium >general >misc. and the mannequin just appears on it !
N.B. : You can't move the podium once the mannequin has been spawned. So just delete the mannequin and buy a new podium !

Features :
> Choose one outfit for the Anonymous Mannequin in each outfit category simultaneously (casual, outwear, ...)
> Get him jewels, and, if you don't have any, just buy them beforehand, for free !
The jewels bought with that interaction will appear in the mirror choices of the user's first family that has moved in.
> Get him for free a hat or whatever accessory you want, even facial hair and mask ! (if you really want an hairy and funny mannequin ...). If you choose a hat, you might get the wig with it !

It's a male adult, so don't expect to dress it with a dress ! (or any female or no adult outfit or accessory) There won't be a feature in this object mod to make it female or teen or elder ... It won't work (and should be hard to customize if the user want different mannequins on different lots). It can be made by creating a totally new object mod, though.

> Then choose one category outfit for him to wear effectively (casual, swimwear, ...)
> Choose the mannequin's position too ! (there's 10 Maxis Base Game Animation Poses - But you can suggest better ones in the comments, I'll see what I can do)
> And, the last but not the least ... Get to View an Handsome Looking and Realistic Male Mannequin ! (it will slowly boost a sim's Fun Motive)

About the last feature, I'm not quite good but I tried to picture lifeless mannequin eyes and a plastic bag as the first outfit (as if you just buy the object and you have to unpack it !) : the outfit and eyes are totally invisible in CAS and are required, althought the outfit sisn't required anymore after you first changed the clothes.
I used maxis mannequin skin, so :
1- it might vary if you have a default replacement.
2- DON'T TRY TO HAVE BABIES WITH IT, it will crash your game !

Furthermore, when making this wonder, I decided to add a few funny and sometimes realistic features. To preserve the surprise, I won't say anything more : you just have to download and see...

What you get :
> the podium Required
> the NPC Mannequin Required
> the outfit Required
> the eyes Required
> a wooden recolor Optional

Requirements :
All Animations and features are custom or from Base Game, even though EPs have been taking care of. BUT I have all expansions and no feedback, so to be safe, I'll say appart life is required...

Credits :
I used Echo's Clown as a clone (but it won't override it).
I used a lot of lines in the wonderful Pescado's Clothing Tool Mods, too.
Thanks to both !
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Customisable Mannequin : Process

Date Posted: 8th Aug 2015 at 2:59 PM

I've detailed the process of making of. Here it is :

1- Clone the Echo's clown. - Done ! -
2-Create an handsome bald male sim in CAS with the cheated Mannequin skin and eyes - Done ! -
=> create a specific one for the "out of sale" or "just bought" look (un drapé blanc ou une pancarte "out of sold" placée au bon endroit ou un emballage en plastique) - Done ! -
=> create a special lifeless eyes color - Done ! -
=> make them invisible in CAS and Bodyshop - Done ! -
3-Extract it safely with SimPE and bodyshop. - Done ! -
4-Replace the clown apparence by the one of that sim. - Done ! -
5-Add a non autonomous interaction from BV for the player to select the NPC (!!!) : Choose a pose. - Done ! -
=> choisir animation crédible For Later
=> multiplier les poses - Done ! -
=> built skill (Badge) For Later
6-Add a non autonomous interaction from BG for the player to select the NPC (!!!) : Change into (all categories).
=> Find a way to change the specific generic outfit - Done ! -
=> find a way to add all the outfit to the NPC's wardrobe - Done ! -
=> Find a way to change the NPC's outfit category - Done ! -
(Study the costume trunk, my "Change clothes pie menu" mod, the "ClothingBoothGlobals" and the "try on" interaction, the "Social - Bussiness - Set outfit" interaction, the "change materiel" primitive, ...)
=> Add Jewels - Done ! -

7- Find a way to freeze his motives in the BHAV. - Done ! -
8-Find a way to freeze his movements the moment he's spawn (!!!) - Done ! -
=> Change the first pose to a mannequin-like one - Done ! -
=> prevent the head from moving !!! (see Facial overlays OU retirer la tête !) Inform to put barrier around the Mannequin, so change the "go to relative position" => It won't work : try the human statue (my disable interaction + my disable look at + my non-interruptible). - Done ! -
9-add a message that prevent the spawning of the NPC if the user haven't place the podium in the right position yet - Done ! -
=> disable that on community lot that are not visited by the owner - Done ! -
10-Add a funny way to remove it
=> destroy NPC - Done ! -
=> Destroy Podium - Done ! -
=> NPC make a Face "Horror" - Done ! -
=> NPC flee outdoor and disappear - Done ! -
=> Fade out before disappear at the right time ! - Done ! -
=> Flee running, not floating - Done ! -
11-Add a Message/Tutorial pop up on the side to let the user know how to change clothes - Done ! -
=> disable that on community lot that are not visited by the owner - Done ! -
12- find the way objects can influence the environement motive by its presence (see how it's done in paintings) - Done ! -
13- Add Guardians :
=> Is shop open ? pour "Admirer" - Done ! -
=> "is owner or owner's family ?" pour "Choisir la pose" - Done ! -
=> "is pose already used ?" pour "Choisir la pose" - Done ! -
14- Add an interaction "Admirer" :
=> Built an autonomous action that give fun - Done ! -
=> choisir animation crédible (Children & Adults) - Done ! -
=> Random push purchase interaction For Later
15- Add specificities to the objects :
=> better price & rating room environement - Done ! -
=> better catalog sorting - Done ! -
16- Add sim glob interaction "Influence to" pour faire qqun intéragir avec le Mannequin ("Admirer" pour qu'un enfant encourage le parent à acheter ; les autres pour les employers ou la famille du Bussiness man) For Later
17 - => Add Funny Animation Mannequin during changing pose - Done ! -

Back to start

18 - Put all the interaction from NPC to the podium & make them work correctly :
View - Done ! -
Remove NPC - Done ! -
choose Pose - Done ! -
choose Category outfit - Done ! -
customize - Done ! -

19 - Add the horror reaction (fleeing interaction) to all people !
The ones viewing it
The ones in the same room
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Monopoly Game

Date Posted: 6th Aug 2015 at 6:27 PM

Another idea from my sister when she heard about the puzzle game.

She want a Monopoly game that sims can play and that build logic.
The bonus (that is too complexe for me) is that it could get a promotion to the sims if the career is "homme d'affaires" !!!

What a wonderful imagination !
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Customisable Mannequin

Date Posted: 6th Aug 2015 at 4:34 PM

I get the idea from Zarathustra : a mannequin object that can wear everything you want !

The original idea :
"As for me, I would love to see mannequins for each gender and age group that you could assign outfits to- I know there's a few from the IKEA SP, and people have made mannequins with specific outfits, but having one that could be changed to any age-and-gender-appropriate outfit would be so useful for clothiers and department stores!"

My ideas for realisation :
- I should make a supernatural sim that won't die soon (like zombie or vampire) and pose it, so that it won't move (BV interaction for photo), and then change the outfit when you want with some hacked dresser !!!
- Or more seriously, you could create an NPC mannequin like the Echo's clown in the carnival set. But I had to make it immortal, unmoving AND selectable (for the change of closing).

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people's Ideas on the web

Date Posted: 6th Aug 2015 at 3:55 PM

I picked ideas all over the site as if they were request, cause I think they're good ones. It's just for storage : I don't think I'll really make those hacks.

From Dagwon :
- "A mod that combines the mother nursing (infants, anyway) with a lower fertility rate. Especially one that's automatic and random (some women regain fertility faster, some slower)."
- "An addictions mod. Where the thing the sim is addicted to something (drugs, alcohol, smoking, computer, woohooing, chocolate, etc.) and it is added as a need that deteriorates over time. With the possibility to quit and suffer withdrawal (maybe being depressed/aspiration failure as well as motives dropping quicker depending on the addiction) for a short time."
- "a "tell a story" to fit each hobby"

From Zarathustra :
- "As for me, I would love to see mannequins for each gender and age group that you could assign outfits to- I know there's a few from the IKEA SP, and people have made mannequins with specific outfits, but having one that could be changed to any age-and-gender-appropriate outfit would be so useful for clothiers and department stores!"
- "I would like to see Sims actually split wood for their fireplaces and campfires. BV introduced the animated axe as an object for that ridiculous axe-throwing range... shouldn't someone have re-purposed it for its ACTUAL purpose by now? "

From Sof_m9 :
- "I'd like a Trick or Treating mod where you put an object by the door or wall (similar to Echo's Easter bunny mod) and kids come up in costumes. "

From WaffleFriez57 :
- "After looking up some cut features to bring up in a conversation with a friend (mostly to laugh about there actually being a "watch play-in" interaction), I realized I'd really love to see a hack that restores an interaction I just read about: "the talk." Sims 4 has it and gosh, if I could see my poor teen sims in ts2 hide their faces in embarrassment while their parents sit them down to talk about WooHoo, my day would be made. Though the shoplifting, breakfast in bed (perf for mothers/fathers day, might I add), and "bad grade phone call" all seem like things I'd love to see back in as well, but "the talk" seems more possible since it sounds like it could probably just be one sim talking and the teen reacting negatively or something."

From StrangeTownChick :
- "I think this would be fairly easy to make--a "look at baby" option for cribs. Specifically for children and toddlers. If there's a baby in a crib, children could lean on the bars and watch them, and toddlers could pull themselves up by the bars/mattress and look in at the small person. Would be very cute, and there are so few interactions between babies and their siblings!"

From tairourou
"-I'd love to see a hack or something that added nightmares for children: when a child Sim has had a bad day or goes to sleep with their needs low, they have nightmares (this part is already in the game) and they go to the older relative they have the nicest relationship with and wake them up. It would be so cute if the older Sim could let them sleep in their bed or just take them back to bed and comfort them.

-I'd also like to see some interaction come up where, when one Sim is crying or otherwise upset, another Sim with a high relationship can come up to them and comfort them. Kind of like the cheer up interaction I guess, but a little different.

-Oh, and I'd really like it if parents could read their children stories while the children are in bed, like a bedtime story. I guess I just want more cute interactions."
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Fabulous animation finds

Date Posted: 6th Aug 2015 at 3:35 PM

I just realise that kids sometimes wipe their face when they have been kissed : it would be greet for the "growing beard" project !
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Puzzle Game

Date Posted: 6th Aug 2015 at 3:12 PM

Dagwon share his/her idea on the Sims 2 Discussion forum : a puzzle that you could play (with a choosable picture, simlish theme like plumbob or the heart whoowhoo) and that build logic.
I think it's a really good idea, and perhaps some day I'll do it.

My ideas :
- It could use the chess animation. But I could create such a thing without cloning the chess board : I could mod the object chosen afterwards to permit skilling in logic. I imagine just a box that the sim would put on a table, but I can't mesh yet ...
- if one could do an alpha mesh, perhaps it could work with the option 'change materiel' in SimPE : I will just have to do recolors according to the colored pebbles piles increase and decrease (with invisible parts in the recolor : something that I haven't tried yet ).

The original post from Dagwon :
"I'd like a puzzle for my sims to do, preferably cloned from the chessboard, so it'd give logic while they played it. (Don't Wake the Llama or Mahjong would also work). It's always bothered me that the logic symbol in TOs is a puzzle, but there's no puzzles for my sims to do! "
"I'd imagine the animation would look just fine putting pieces of a puzzle together instead of moving chess pieces!
Given the size of the chess board, it'd have to be something rather simple and bold. Maybe a plumbob? In a perfect world, the puzzles would be like paintings with several different pictures! Actually... some of the memory/speech bubble images would work too. Like the woohoo heart or the best friends' happy faces.
Just rambling and day dreaming... I don't even know how to recolour, let alone create an entire new set of items "

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My theme "Men" of August project : Growing Beards

Date Posted: 5th Aug 2015 at 4:10 PM

I have a project for the theme "Men" of August : Growing Beards !

I get the idea from my sister : she plays with male sims more often than me, and she has a lot of imagination !

It's a difficult project that required a lot of modding skill. I'm not afraid about that, but I have to get the meshes from someone, cause I can't mesh... It's all due to my sister !

Description of the modded object (a shaving kit or just a toiletry bag) :
  1. Male sims (Young adult through Old sims) you choose, will have a growing beard (adding of stuble each day until a very yeti-like beard or Christmas father-like beard). The male teen sims will just have a few on the chin.
  2. Male Sims will be able to shave (totally or according to the previous beard) without opening the mirror window. If I can add tha animation and the razor accessory in the sim's hand, it would be great !

We'll see if I can reach my goal !

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