Autonomy advertising

Date Posted: 26th Nov 2015 at 6:05 PM

Found wiki information on pie menu functions that explain everything you need to know about autonomy and motive advertising.

Autonomy decides if an object can be used by Sims autonomously. Motive advertising is what makes Sims decide to use an object or not, depending on their needs. There's a good example in the wiki article, where you set a chair to advertise 100 bladder. That means the chair tells Sims that if they use the chair, they will gain 100 bladder. That's more than a toilet, so if they have low bladder they will set on the chair, because the chairs telling them it will fix their bladder. It doesn't actually do anything so they will keep sitting until they eventually wet themselves. Motive advertising trumps actual function.

Open the object you want to edit in SimPE, and go to Pie Menu Functions (TTAB).
Select the interaction you want to change, and go to motive tab. I am editing "Wash laundry", on my functional washing machine.
Image here

Example of how to edit it. This object used to give fun, and it advertises Sims by claiming it gives fun. On the line Fun, I have set it to
Min: 0023
Delta: 0010
Type: 000B
Image here

If you consult the wiki article above, this means that the washing machine will advertise Sims that they gain 23 fun (needs scale from -100 to 100), and if they are neat Sims, it will advertise up to 33 fun. I decided on neat, because a neat Sim is more likely to want to do laundry.

I am a little unclear on the values usable, as some things I've looked at have hex numbers, but that's the general idea. The easiest way to know what to set, is to compare with a Maxis object that you perceive as used in the way you want to. To find the Maxis value, use Object Workshop to clone the maxis object (tutorial by Numenor found here).
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List of my Downloads found elsewhere

Date Posted: 21st Nov 2015 at 1:27 PM

Some creations aren't suited for MTS, or are not compatible with some guideline on MTS. But, MTS is still my favorite Sims site, and I want my content to be found here. So for the things that can't/won't be uploaded here, I will list them in this entry in the hopes that some people may find them that way.

Decorative miniature cars that fill car wants - Created for Duine. Thank you to SimFused for letting me use your Tiny Treasures miniature cars (Found here)
Download from Sim File Share

18 day pregnancy mod, with 16% chance of twins
Download from Sim File Share

Seasons last 7 days - Requested by Duine
Download from Sim File Share

Seasons edited - 24 day year loosely based on Sweden (Spring 5 days, Summer 6 days, Autumn 6 days, Winter 7 days)
Download from Sim File Share

No Sleep Baby Items. Make sure you check original threads for information about the objects. Thank you Theraven for allowing me to modify your slaved versions!
Less Bladder Tantrum version (Original by RebaLynn1960 found here)
Theravens slaved to maxis bedding version (Originals by Theraven found here and here)
Note: Baby Bounce will allow baby to play endlessly, so you have to keep an eye on them. Dangle Monster I could not remove sleep animation entirely, so baby will stop playing and close it's eyes, but it will not gain energy.
Note 2: You can only use these versions, or the originals. You can use both slaved and less bladder tantrum, but choose between my versions with no sleep, or the originals that allow sleep. See original threads for more information.
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The idea behind using this journal

Date Posted: 10th Nov 2015 at 11:33 PM

I enjoy helping people, and share what I know with others, if it helps them. Over my years as an active member here on MTS, I have written out many short "how to"-posts and PMs, for different users. But they end up lost in a sea of posts, and I probably wrote the same thing multiple times.

So, I'm thinking, why not write some of them here and link to it, instead of rewriting it or digging through months of posts to find it. Seems like a good idea to me.

(Most likely it'll not happen and this ends up not being used, but we can try at least )
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