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CFL Jersey Input

Date Posted: 2nd Oct 2013 at 8:59 PM

Yeah I know it's been a while and yes I know I said I was back when it reality I wasn't truly. Let's just say I had a move to the arctic that kind of put creation on hold. Also when I had first entertained the prospect of adding new designs to the Sims 3 it was a relatively new process at the time with not much in terms of tutorials. Now , my goodness, there are tons. While I don't envision delving into meshing until I learn more, I think I got the skinning down to a science finally. With that said I'd like to debut some CFL jerseys (for a change) as my reintroduction back into designing.

I have a problem though.

I don't admittedly don't know much about the players in the CFL so if anyone could help me out that'd be swell.

I'm looking for suggestions. x2 players from each of the eight teams.

People willing to assist will be granted exclusive tester access to the designs. I figure if you're jazzed about letting me know who's jersey to make you'd be equally as stoked to test it in game first. Credits will be paid to you when the designs are finally uploaded.

Help me make your sporting experience that much better!
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I'm Back (sorta)

Date Posted: 14th Dec 2011 at 10:26 PM

After a long hiatus (4 years to be exact) I am back to my recoloring ways. The Sims 3 offers a whole new realm of customization that I wish to explore. I just walked through my first custom jersey so I hope to start producing my NFL packs for the Sims 3 in due time.

Stay tuned.
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Yet another gym outfit...

Date Posted: 1st Aug 2007 at 5:34 PM

Yeah... I'm still alive and yes I'm still putting out Sims2 creations (just not actively).

I found it funny that the upload I spent the least amount of time on and had the lowest hopes for ended up being the biggest hit so far... that being the Ladies Workout Outfit.

Sooooo since people obviously despise the default gym outfits for the ladies, it's safe to say no one's all that thrilled about the male's outfits either. I know I absolutely loathe them.

Yeah... let's go jogging in a full sweatsuit. How many times do you see that??

Anyways, a new male workout mesh is floating around here with some basic recolours.

Use it.

Enjoy it.

Recoulour it.

Make sweet sweet love to it.

I don't care whatcha do with it so long as ya don't plagiarize it. Give the devil his dues.
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Thanks for the 50k!

Date Posted: 5th Jul 2007 at 3:58 PM

Geez. I didn't see that one coming. Heck... it wasn't THAT long ago that I was celebrating my 25k download. It seems as though that Ladies Workout Outfit I made was a big hit. I'm glad it proved useful. I got a male workout outfit in the works too but I don't have a set debut time for that yet. I got lots of real-life work to take care of first.

Anyways, like I did when I hit 25k, I want to thank all of you who have supported my work and continue to. I still don't want to make "mainstream" creations but I think I've found a comfortable middle ground. Only 150k more to go Echo.
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Status Update

Date Posted: 1st Jul 2007 at 6:43 AM

Still not "officially" back creating but I have been keeping busy. Just uploaded a nice gymwear set. 38 outfits in total and a new mesh. Not bad for not being back to full time creating, huh?
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Attn Echo

Date Posted: 7th Jun 2007 at 4:04 PM

I felt that I at least owed you a public apology. For what, I'm not not exactly sure, but you are by far the most understanding mod around here. You're very cool, calm, collected and basically a sweet person all the way through. It's really been bothering me that you feel as though you've been targeted by any of the comments I've made. If you check these journal entries anyone can see I've excluded you from the "group" every single time except for when I said "at least you all stick together". That was my own anger speaking there and thank you for calling me on it. I'm sorry I lumped you in with the rest of them in my fit of rage. I felt like I was being ganged up on, but one should practice what he preaches so my lashing out at you was inexcusable. My goal has never been to get under your skin or make you feel bad in any way. Saying "administration" at all in the first place was wrong of me because my problem isn't with the entire administration, so for that I'm truly sorry.

You once said that you were confused as to what I was so angry about. My point has always been about the manner of which I've been spoken to. Everyone else (meaning your fellow mods and FCs) have tried to turn this into a "rules of the site" issue. I could care less if they don't want it discussed or not. That's their perogative. However the way they have spoken to me is uncalled for. They're running a smear campaign to make me look like a whiny little baby" for standing up for myself when being treated like a little child .... and I'm sorry, but I will not back down. That type of mob intimidation really doesn't phase me. If that means that administration bans me, then so be it. Contrary to what has been said about me or put in my mouth, I respect their decsions and I'll just have to accept it. I just want to make sure the air is clear with us, just in case something does happen. That would be the only regret I would have as a result of all of this - not setting thing right with you. If you choose not to accept any of my apologies, that's cool as well and understandable. I take peace in the fact that I've actually made an attempt to make ammends for the way I've addressed someone who didn't deserve to be spoken to in such a manner.
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I love this site

Date Posted: 2nd Jun 2007 at 6:11 PM

I find it extremely intriguing how quick people turn on you when you have a difference in opinion. Oh things were fine and dandy when I shut my mouth and just created. However that all changed as soon as I decided to have a thought of my own.

Let's see, I've been told to grow up, that I'm ungrateful, that I'm confusing, that I've been disrespectful and I've been chastised repeatedly over this whole "Featured Creation Criteria" fiasco (which I'll refer to as the FCC from now on ironically). I love how people feel the need to lay guilt trips on me about how good this site is, or how much certain individuals have done, or (my fave) re-explain things I already know. Is it really necessary? I must be losing my mind because I can't recall ever talking rudely to anyone or trashing this site or its policies.

I also love how people sweep the fact one person tells another to essentially shut up and don't talk about certain things under the carpet. That's apparently not as serious as bringing up the FCC. Some people sit on pedestals so high they forget to show some respect to the "little people".

There are certain facts are unavoidable. I've never bad-mouthed this site, its members, policies or staff. Bottom line. I've had a difference in opinion which is obviously viewed as "disrespect" and gives some people the right to say whatever they want in return. That's fine. I, unlike some others, don't care if something said about me isn't "marshmellowy sweet". I encourage those to point out those flaws in my thinking. Helps me not make the same mistakes over and over. However I won't sit there and be pissed on without firing back and I certainly won't be silenced for no reason.

Despite everything, I still do love the hell outta this site and its staff (certain ones anyway). Although I still think some people fight battles that don't particularly involve them, it's good to see the strong and immediate support from the staff. That's not a cynical statement either. That's straight up.

I'd rather have a fight with the staff then be ignored by them. So for that I do thank you for acknowledging that there is a situation.

Whether or not it gets resolved is another story all together.... :p
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Censorship on MTS2

Date Posted: 29th May 2007 at 8:06 PM

Yeah.. I said it.

I figured since the gloves were thrown off by administration, why hold back anymore?

Apparently it is not okay to question, debate, discuss, or even bring up any of the policies this site has in place. I thought the community boards would be a good place to get some feedback (as opposed to these tiny journal entries) about a topic that's been a thorn in my side for ages now. Unfortunately because it questioned their polices and because certain administrators feel the need to be uber defensive and jump to conclusions, my thread was closed so that no one else could have a say.


I thought the purpose of a debate forum was to trade pros and cons about an idea or concept in order to get a better understanding of the matter, but I obviously must be confused about that as well. I'm extremely bitter about this course of action taken. If the thread was moved or something for being in the wrong place, that's totally understandable... but to pretty much tell me "there will be no discussion on this matter" is total bull$hit.

I've never been so insulted in my life.

So much for this being a "nice" site....

I probably need time to cool down and rethink this in a more rational frame of mind, but that act of disrespect sealed my fate here one way or another.

Let me say these few things in closing:
  • To anyone who has felt slighted or disrespected by anything I've brought up, my apologies. It's never been my goal to single any one person out (and I never verbally did). I wanted to challenge the community as a whole to discuss matters that are often swept under the mat. If you still have a problem with me after saying that then you seriously need to ease off the coffee and chill the hell out.
  • To the small masses who have supported me, thank you ever so much. You've prompted me to learn way more than I was ever expecting to. Your comments and stories helped pave the way for some fun creating.
  • To the Mod Gods who have actually spoken with me (intelligently that is), keep up the awesome work. You are the ones who make this site strong.

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Memorial Framed & Folded Flag

Date Posted: 19th May 2007 at 6:54 PM

I got a pretty nice Thanks response to my Memorial Framed & Folded (American) Flag

I didn't intend for that to soley be just for the American fallen soldiers, so if anyone wants a recolour (if it's even possible) to suit their country, just PM me with your country's flag (image) and the logo of your military and I'll see what I can belt out.

I'll leave this offer out there until May 26th 2007.
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Featured Creation Criteria

Date Posted: 17th May 2007 at 6:27 PM

Ok... I'll probably be banned from the site for stirring up a ruckus, but I've got some serious gripes about the Featured Creation Criteria.

Some may see this as self-promoting jealousy on my part. Believe what you wish. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'm not speaking soley about my work. I need more experience before I can shamelessly promote myself. However, I've seen creations by some members that are mindblowing (in my opinion) and yet they go un-featured. My gripe isn't so much "why hasn't any of my or other people's stuff been featured?" but more rather "why are some things featured in the first place?".

Now, now, now... put the swords, daggers, and guns away. Hear me out first.

I do not deny that 97% of the featured content is truly remarkable. I take nothing away from those who have poured countless man(or woman) hours into their creations and if anything I've said offends you, then I'm truly sorry. You all deserve every accolade that is bestowed upon you. My beef is with the 3%. I've read the "Criteria for Featured Content" article a thousand times over and I fail to see the "wow" factor in some of the 3%'s content. While they're more than deserving to be hosted on this site, I can't bring myself to agree with their selection as "Featured".

But alas, like the article also says, it's not my or any other members decision to make - just the staff. I respect that. They've created a hub of creativity like no other online. They have every right to do whatever they bloody well want to.

I just don't like someone else telling me something is "better" than something else. I think I'd like to be the judge of that. In a perfect world there'd be no Featured Content. Put everything together and let people judge for themselves. The concept of cliques bothers me.

I'm sure there are some who agree. I'm even more sure that there are more who don't. Whatever the case, I speak my mind. Always have and always will.

At least I don't sit there holding my breath waiting for someone to notice I'm turning blue.
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