Virtual Housekeeping. Bowing to the superior talent.

Date Posted: 14th Jul 2008 at 8:06 PM

I did some housecleaning today of some of my uploads. I'd much rather do virtual housework than RL housework. When I first joined this site a couple of years ago I was bent on learning hair meshing. With a lot of help from tutorials and patient instructors, not the mention myriad hours spent in front of the monitor until my eyes were red and itchy, I eventually came up with my first hair, my Perky Ponytail. As hair meshes go, it's not exactly brilliant or anything but I worked hard and I was darned proud of it. Since then I have uploaded a lot of stuff, some I am proud of, some that's just sort of "okay". One I was never really proud of was my Unruly Waves Hair mesh. I hadn't learned joining peices of meshes together yet and I just stretched out the mesh, the results were not quite what I wanted and the texture looked, well...stretched. Still people seemed to like it okay and were downloading it. That was in 2006.
Since that time I have become familiar with the work of a certain creator named Nouk, you may have heard of her? I love her creations and even though there is a lot of great talent out there, she one of my favorites. One day I went on a downloading spree which included some of her hair meshes and I found a much better version of a long wavy mesh on her site. It looks like I would have loved for mine to look, it's binned, the textures and animation is just tremendous. Best of all, even the Sims toddlers will inherit their mom's wavy locks, sooo cute!
So I made the decision to pull my Unruly Waves because, honestly why would you want that when you can have one that looks the way it should? I happily bow to the master. The rest of my hair meshes I am still proud of and I hope to continue learning to achieve that kind of expertise but meantime I just wanted to explain why I pulled my Unruly Waves.
If it seems like I singled out Nouk, well I hope I haven't offended anyone. There are so many tremendously talented creators who share their work with us, I won't try to name them but this entry just happened to concern one of her creations. :lovestruc
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When A Cyber-Friend Dies

Date Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 at 2:06 AM

On Monday, Nov. 24, 2007 I went into the forum where I visit daily with friends I have met online through a love of Simming. We started out on the original Sims BBS, then a few of us migrated over to the GMC, a wonderful forum made available through the efforts of two veteran simmers, named MacBraveheart and Trollie. Although I've never met any of these people face to face, I am still quite attached to them, every bit as much as I would be if they lived next door. I had no idea just how attached until I logged in to find a post by a member named Random, also a member of MTS2 under the same name. He posted that he would be back, had some stuff going on. Two posts down his nephew informed us that Random had died of a heart attack while still in front of the computer, hand on his mouse. Random was 49, close to my age and his friends on that forum are stunned, devasted at this news, although obviously, nothing compared to the loss suffered by his family. The outpouring of grief and disbelief on the Sims forums showed how well known and well-liked this man was. He was kind, respectful, techically inclined and never failed to come to the rescue to share his knowledge with others. Even those who didn't know him well remarked on what a nice, helpful man he was, seems he had built a reputation for kindness, humour and a ready willingness to help anyone who asked. Many of us admitted to being far more grief-stricken than we ever could have imagined at the passing of someone whom we had never met face-to-face. Random left behind a legacy of kindness toward others, a sense of humour and some truly wonderful creations. He also had a fondness for this site and referred many here for help and some of the best custom content on the internet. We could all learn a lot from someone like this on how to treat others with kindness and respect and to reach out a helping hand whenever possible. To be remembered as a nice person, what more could anyone ask for?
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Don't You Just Hate Having To Describe Yourself?

Date Posted: 11th Jan 2007 at 7:10 PM

I joined MTS2 last May when I finally gathered the courage to start learning meshing but I somehow never got around to starting a journal. I don't keep a journal IRL either, sort of keep myself to myself as it were. I'm climbing up on age 50, with a couple years to go but still a big kid who loves Harry Potter, Disney flicks and my Sims. I have five little dogs, one whom is asleep in my lap at this very moment but I'm accustomed to typing around them and they're accustomed to occasionally being gently bumped with the keyboard tray. I have all the original Sims eps for pc, SimCity deluxe, and all current Sims2 eps and bonus packs. I'm also intrigued by the upcoming release of Spore from the brilliant mind of Will Wright and I have a feeling that will be yet another obsession.
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