My Site Going Up [again]

Date Posted: 25th Feb 2008 at 5:11 PM

I've had so many emails and PM's regarding my site being down that I've decided to bring it back to life. Only this time, I'm making it to where people don't have to sign up to download stuffeths. Every time someone lost a password or couldn't get a new one from the site, it would send a chain reaction of emails to my mailbox causing me grief and a tremendous amount of discomfort. That's why I shut the site down.

But I really miss it, and I have so many new things to upload, that I thought, "what the heck!" and am starting over.

I do have one global mod coming up that I think will please a lot of folks, me included. It's currently giving one error, and as soon as I have that worked out, I'll upload it. But I need some help with it because I just cannot see what's causing the error right now. Sigh.
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Been really sick for a long time

Date Posted: 15th Jan 2007 at 6:23 PM

But things seem to be looking up for me and I'm trying really hard to get back to Simming. Oh, I've been messing with them and with new objects, but having been unable to be here 24/7 like I used to be, I've lost quite a bit and am now playing catch up. Sigh.

I've tried to answer all the emails sent to me (there were literally hundreds!), and all the private messages as well. If I've forgotten someone, so sorry. I promise to do better.

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