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Date Posted: 12th Jun 2007 at 8:31 PM

How fast life can change in the blink of an eye. My husband an I have decided to immigrate from South Africa to New Zealand last Friday. Things have just happed so fast and with-in 3 months we will be in a new country and start a new life.

I will have to temporary say good bye to the Sims 2 community, but while I wait here in South Africa, I will never stop working on new and fun creations. I will miss my broadband, as I will be staying in the a very rural area. I will try to be on IRC as much as possible, but it will be costly, and I won't even be able to surf or upload.

This is a very exciting time for me as it will be the first time I will be traveling abroad. We will be getting broadband as soon as we are settled and have a house, so then I can pick up where I left off. For now, I have one more mesh commitment I made before I knew we were moving. I might get time to finish it and upload it, but the work here at home is pilling up, and I have to sort out as much as I can before my hubby goes off to New Zealand.

My e-mail address is in most of my mesh packages, if someone wants to drop me a line, and I will try to get my mail here at MTS and answer if possible.

I'm going to miss all the Sims news from S2C and the wonderful creations here on MTS, but I will be back :D
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03 March 2007

Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2007 at 12:02 AM

I have just finished four meshes and hope to upload them soon. For now I am struggling with the re-colors...

I was playing around with Life Stories and my CC works I just miss my bump maps. My Hubby has been playing Life Stories and he loves my CC in it, but I am just way too used to the quality of Sims 2.

I am looking forward to Life Stories. I was so busy, I didn't even notice when it got released. I am looking forward to playing The Sims for a change, so I decided not to take anymore requests once these 4 have been uploaded.

I still have 2 more projects i want to work on a bit before i release them. One is Male Platform Trainers, and the other is Broad Shorts for Toddlers.

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