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Can't keep away from curly stuff

Date Posted: 1st Aug 2006 at 1:33 PM

Every time I finish a new set I promise myself the next one won’t be curly elven stuff. *sigh*
But inspiration has struck in the form of bluetexasbonnie, so coming soon to an MTS near you:

- the elven build set.

It will try to incorporate everything you need to build a gorgeous tree-palace. Getting to grips with footprints, placement bhav’s and modular stair thingies is arduous and frustrating, but it’s more satisfying than going down the beaten path of making ‘regular’ objects. That is, if I can get it to work in the end
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Upload policy

Date Posted: 25th Jul 2006 at 1:53 PM

Thinking about it, my upload policy is kinda complicated, so

The short of it
  • Walls, floors, groundcovers: You’re free to put these in your houses and upload them on any site.
  • Recolours: You’re free to recolour anything of mine and post in on any site, provided you give credit and a link to the original thread on MTS2.
  • Meshes (build items): You’re free to put my windows, doors, beams, fences, columns etc in houses and upload them to any site but the Exchange, provided you give credit and a link to the original thread on MTS2. Please ask my permission before hosting the ‘naked’ meshes on your site.
  • Meshes (regular furniture): Please ask my permission before uploading them anywhere, that includes in houses.
  • Clones: Ask before cloning any of my objects
  • Textures: Ask before using my textures.
  • 3D objects: Ask before using any of my meshes, or parts of my meshes, to build a new mesh or object.
  • Group efforts:
    • The Harry Potter Project: Most of these objects were made by several different people. When in doubt: ask.
    • Midsimmer Night’s Dream: See Magick Modders’ policy for these objects. All files come with a readme in the zip.

The long of it (now with added reasoning!)
  • Walls, floors, groundcovers: You can basically do what you want with them, just don’t upload them as your own.
  • Meshes (build items): These were meant to build houses with, so you can upload them like that. For reasoning on why you can’t do the Exchange, see my previous entry in this journal.
  • Meshes (other stuff): Some of my older meshes are very beta indeed, with different versions for different ep’s, bad footprints and, in one case, spontaneous combustion issues. It’s a good idea to ask me if something is safe for upload.
  • Clones: The few hacks I made are free to clone, if you give credit. However, I uploaded several objects that were made in collaboration with other modders. If it’s their hack, obviously you have to comply to their policy. When in doubt: ask.
  • Textures: Most textures I use are based on free internet images or my own fiddling. But not ALL of them. I have used textures made by Alun Bestor, Exnem, Lyriclee and Dolldrms1. It’s obvious you have to comply to their policy if you want to use these textures. When in doubt: ask.
  • 3D objects: All my meshes were blendermade by me. If you want to use any part of them for your own object: get my permission first!
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A note on the Exchange

Date Posted: 18th Jul 2006 at 9:34 PM

Since this is a blog, I might as well go for the emotional rant.

I sometimes see people on this site defend the Exchange. My first thought at such posts is: 'they're obviously not creators'.
Last week I surfed the Exchange for the first time in about a year, and instantly regretted it. In general, the site depresses me. A lot.
Maxis could have a fabulous tool for furthering custom content to a game that thrives on its fan-community. But they screw up due to complete anarchy. It probably sounds bad coming from a moderator, but rules are good.
Why? Credit, for one.
Most of us creators do it for that. As if you didn't know. The big majority of us spend hours upon hours making something that's free for all to enjoy. All we want in return is to see our nickname mentioned in a thank-you note. The Exchange, however, does not like creators. It likes uploaders. It tags content with whoever uploads it first. I wouldn't find my own stuff on there if I didn't know the actual name of the files.
Lack of control is another. I care for my uploads. Considering the time it takes to tweak them and get them 'just right' I should care. I like to see them used by someone else to make a beautiful house just that extra bit special. I love to see people recolour my meshes, just to see what they can do with it. I do NOT like to see them thrown on the internet, without any form of credit, by people with no clue of what they're doing. Finding them in ugly houses together with outdated hacks and fifteen recolours of the same coffeepot hurts.
So, no uploading my things to the Exchange, mkay? :puppy:
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My muse is back from vacation

Date Posted: 11th Jul 2006 at 10:56 AM

Ok, so I've been on hiatus for a long time, being busy with paid work, love, life etc. You know, all the right reasons.
Recently, I've started meshing again and finally got the Teen Bedroom set out. That set's been in progress since december, jeesh. It's good to get it off my shoulders and start new, interesting things.
The new, interesting things include more curly, elveny stuff. I'd love to make a kitchen, bathroom and outdoors set. I basically went through the design galleries of every dvd in my box-set of Lord of the Rings.
It also includes completely non-curly stuff. But for now, that still a big secret...

Currently working on: The sketching stages of an elven outdoor set.
Mood: Luff
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