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Date Posted: 4th Oct 2007 at 2:35 PM

This month will be sadly forever in my mind, particularly the 1st day.
We had to say goodbye to Sheera, the linphosarcoma and the therapies were killing her day by day, and we had to decide.
No words about the pain in our hearts. She was a good, beautiful and very sweet dog. Personally I have to admit that, even I was perfectly aware of the risks and of what was happening, I was totally unprepared to the verdict and to that moment.

Got some days off from the work, you all know that in certain moments it's better to stay alone for a while. It seems to me that she's still around ...

I'm working on the lot for my birthday celebration, and I hope to be ready for mid of November. It seems an intricate project which doesn't want to reveal itself yet. It's there but still without a concrete beginning. I can only wait.

Ciao a tutti.

Sheerie, I miss you.
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Date Posted: 14th Sep 2007 at 11:02 AM

Things are going better now: thanks to the friends who commented here or sent me PMs, their precious words and support are the best cure!
Moononsun shocked me with the announcement of his semi retirement here, but I know where he's going to post and I'm very happy for him. He told me "don't be sad" but I'll be ... for a while.

The many bugs reported about BV are really annoying me.
It doesn't seem that my game have any of them, but I'm worried that it could be just an impression, since I'm not playing so much to experience all the features of this EP.
Yesterday I read on Snooty about the touristic guide bug and took the correction patch from MATY, but this EP seems to be a mess.
Oh well, I can wait until the official patch if it's true that it will be released by the end of this month.

Actually, I'd like to play and build something, some little idea is there in my brain, playing together with my last two neurons (LOL) ... but me and my family, we're all around my dog, Sheera, 6 years, red boxer. She's got linfosarcoma and is going through the chemiotherapy. She doesn't suffer but needs a lot of assistance.
In the next couple of weeks we'll know the results. It maybe that she responds well and can live with a decent and "human" quality of life for other 5-6 months. Crossed fingers. Waiting for good news, we're all physically involved in taking care of her.

September is here, I love the transition from the summer to the romantic and calm autumn, my favourite season. Colors all around are changing to the warm red and I feel that I'm in peace with myself and the world. The zen mood is back !!!!

Ciao a tutti
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Bad bad bad

Date Posted: 31st Aug 2007 at 9:33 AM

I've read tons of posts recently, in various forums, about paysites, free sites, pirates, who is OK and who is not, what XY has done and how much bad YZ is, and so on.
I do know what it's right in my opinion without reading statements of others but that reading has been very interesting. Very interesting.
Actually, now I feel as I lived in an heavenly place, I know better some people whose nicks I know since ... years and years and years. Really surprized for some facts, reactions, heavy words.
Don't know, maybe I had a too lovely vision of the sims community.... I'm trying to find in my zen mood the way for avoiding a negative impact on me.
It's sad, I can see the old and well known black depression out of the door laughing at me. It would be ridicolous if that debating about a game could open that door, but I guess by myself that the very bad thing is having the proof once more of what is the human nature, behind the debating.

In any case, my recoloring activity is going well, I like the result and now I use also those maxis objects that I didn't consider playable before only because it was missing the color I needed.

As many others here, I experienced a BOOOMMM with my PC. I was lucky and the recovering process was easier than I expected, but it took a lot of time.
Only yesterday I played Sims after a week, in a new neighborhood. But... just for 10 minutes, after then the bad thoughts came up again.
Now, I'm waiting for having some good idea for building, but ... I can't explain, I feel a bit bored and hope that Bon Voyage will give me a good shock.

Daz studio and Bryce are really nice but, honestly, at this stage I can't see other personal aim if not just experimeting, having fun, spending a couple of hours practicing with them. I know that patience is needed, it will take a lot of time getting ready for Daz and Bryce. Little steps.

I really hope that I'll be able to manage this bad feeling which is affecting my pleasure to build and play.

Ciao a tutti
Bye to everyone
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I'm learning!!!

Date Posted: 13th Aug 2007 at 2:27 PM

I've finally sorted out what locked my Homecrafter, so ... go with my walls&floors!
I've read a lot of tutorials, so ... go with my recolors and paintings!
Actually don't think I'll post any of them, maybe only as CCs in my lot, but I don't know yet, some of the first recolors look "strange".
However I found many templates which could help.
Surely I don't plan any meshing, it would be really too much! in my brain there are only few neurons, so few that I call them by name, a couple of them are already upset of my last learning activity...

I'm downloading right now DAZstudio last version and the starter pack, so ... go trying to understand what it is for and what I can do with it!
The neurons don't know yet.
Yup, it's all fun!

I have a medieval lot ready to be posted but not today.
There are also 3 other lots quite ready, 2 of the PKDick Village and the other one of the Tikiforever serie, but I need more time for details, packaging, photo album and so on.

And now, ciao to everybody :D
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Stll a couple of working days and then ... holidays!

Date Posted: 31st Jul 2007 at 10:29 PM

Yes, I'm counting the hours to when I'll shut down my laptop and wave goodbye to my collegues, even if I'm not going to the sea or other summer locations for my next three weeks of holidays. Actually I have to work on my house, you know clean every corner and all the books, a complete makeover of the garage and so on. My real holidays will be in October, when I'll leave for Egypt. Anyway, I'll enjoy to stay at home with the family and cat/dog and this PC. I live near two lovely lakes so I'll surely have the time for some lazy days too.

I've tried to build something for the Ancient contest, but I'm still far far far away from something good, so probably I'll not join the contest; time is running and my best attempt is ridiculus.

I'd like to thank the Uploadmanager who approved my lot Tiki Idol Cottage, because his/her encouranging comment surprized me, that nice comment was so nice that I had a smile on my face for days.

This evening is the first one since the mid of June that a nice breeze is cooling down this hot summer, the hottest of the last 200 years. I really wish the rain, that I'd love in any case.

Now, goodnight.
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July ... a very busy month!

Date Posted: 9th Jul 2007 at 10:59 AM

I'm travelling a lot in these days, and it's something I don't like very much.
But it's my job and business is business.
So I'm taking a forced break from Sims2, I'll spend the few hours I'll have for refining a couple of buildings which are in the work-in-progress phase since January!!!

On the other hand, my homecrafter is gone. I've already tried with various reinstallation, read all the forum threads but nothing seems to work for solving the problem. I'll let it where it is now (just a little unused icon on the desktop) for a while, I'll come later to this, otherwise it would drive me crazy and I could loose my zen approach.
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New Lots for the Easy to Play Project

Date Posted: 29th Jun 2007 at 11:22 AM

I'll post very soon lots 5 and 6, then I'll take a break from this project.
Have a couple of ideas in mind, a futuristic-gothic building for alien vamps and a medieval house, an home-business lot.

I printed some tutorials found in the best Italian sim sites (i.e MaryLou and Sims2Cri); I don't know if I'll have ever the time for that, but I'm considering the idea of trying simple recolors.

I'm a bit worried about my download folder. I use the Delphy tool but I'm still downloading too much. I have to check all the files, one by one, trying to keep just those I can't do without, a very deep cleaning. So, for the next 2 weeks it will be hard to find the time for something new.
Furthermore I'm going to attend a training course about new international policy in clinical research. If this one will be similar the last one I attended, I'll be put in a meeting room for 2 days without escape (just for smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes ... bad bad bad).
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The Easy to Play Project is going on

Date Posted: 21st Jun 2007 at 9:04 PM

I'm just uploading the Lot 3. Hmm the net is cruel with me this evening but my zen mood is my first resource for maintaining me calm.

Hope you like these lots, anyway it's a pleasure for me building them, and I have to say I'm enjoying this project more than what I expected.

The next two lots are ready but the files size are a bit too heavy for an "easy to play bla bla", in my opinion. Too many CCs, I think.
I'll try to reduce the number of objects included or, at least, have a look of their poly counts.
Unfortunately I can do that only during the night hours so it will take some time. I think that this is the most annoying part of the whole thing, but .... is there something I can do for making the days longer?

Kiss and ciao.
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First entry: my current project

Date Posted: 1st Jun 2007 at 10:28 AM

I'm working hard (it means when I have the time and considering I'm NOT a faster builder) on a collection of modern houses: The Easy to Play Project.

I'm using small lots, 1 or 2 levels and "simple" house plans; that's why easy-to-play.

The houses will be furnished and decorated, but not too much, so that the users can put their personal touch.
CCs but only from MTS2,some pieces from Olemantiker sets and some other well known external creators/stuff.

The lots will be all named as Philip K. Dick Village, one of my loved sci-fi writer (do you remember Blade Runned? just one of his dreams).

I'm thinking about to include also dorms and community lots in the collection; it depends on when I'll have a different inspiration theme. In any case the project could be considered always open and I'll add lots time by time.

I'm planning to post the first one in a couple of days. That's the first pic.
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