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lol so cute

Date Posted: 16th Sep 2007 at 6:57 PM

was cruisin' yesterday and I saw something that I just don't see everyday and thought I'd snap a pic :P

it walked right up to me heh heh
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this is trippy

Date Posted: 5th Sep 2007 at 12:22 PM

The following is a neat little tidbit I just found out in the last day or two, it's a spoiler for some, so stop now if you don't wanna know the spoiler It isn't that big of a deal but I thought it was kewl.
How many of us have our simmies "view picture"? Heck, I know I don't. I mean why would I, when there is other kewl stuff to entertain our demanding sims? Like Man eating cow plants and ice skating, and the ever irritating piano.
Well, the last night or so I was in Wizards Of SimPe. Was looking for some art to recolor for a set I'm about to upload. I noticed that one of the pictures had the word "animated" in the description. That got me curious, so I went in game, dusted off one of my sims and had them view the picture.Then Bam!
animation it also it acts as a light. The name of the painting is "The Water's Flow by Edgar Velveet"
I'm not sure which EP it came with. *edit* it came with Seasons.
If anyone knows where a fairly updated object and or build mode list and which EPs/Stuff packs they came with is, please let me know. It's handy for creators heh heh :P
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screenshot tips and a couple other kewl things

Date Posted: 1st Sep 2007 at 1:32 PM

Folks often comment on my screenshots. So I thought I would share a couple of tips with you guys.
I try to keep my screenshots as game related as possible, as opposed to photoshopping a house I made, into a beachfront background for example, I choose to take in game screenshots 90% of the time. Although I do occasionally dabble with background effects =P
When taking in game screenshots, I use cameraman mode. I figure most of you simmers already know *at least* the basics of cameraman mode, but for those who do not, below is a list I have created, that may help you to get better in game screenshots.
* tab= cameraman mode.

*tab again to escape.

* c = take a picture

* All of the following can be done in cameraman mode. "tab"

* z = zoom zoom in on your

* x = zoom out. Moves back from your subject in a wide angle. (fits more of the area into the screenshot)

* w = 1st person. This is really cool, because it gives you the effect
that you are actually walking around on the lot. Use it in
combination with the mouse so you can maneuver your way around.

* q = get lower to the ground
this is really cool if your trying to get a closeup shot of a toddler or
child etc...

* e = just the opposite of q, it takes you straight up in the sky

* a = pan left

* d = pan right

* s = back up.. a bit different back up angle than x. You can back up
way further with s than x, and the angle is not wide with s.

* L = make it dark or light.

* Some or all the above buttons can be used in or out of tab mode.
The following are very handy in tab mode, but of course can also be
used in or out of tab mode as well...

* p = pause. pauses the game.
p again to unpause.

* v = start video camera

v again to stop video camera.

* b = pause the video camera ( not the game) it is a good idea to get
used to hitting b & p at the same time, this will pause or unpause
the game & video capture.

* you can use most characters combinations I mentioned, for example the "q" and the "s" in unison to get lower and back up at the same time.

* Try using "tab" mode in the neighborhood view. It looks pretty cool.

* hope this helps

** note** if you use "q" out of cameraman mode it will ask you if you really wanna quit the game =P

A few more random tips:

* Special Effects: The game comes with special effects such as when a sim transforms into a creature. Combined with move objects it allows a simmer to be more creative.

* Around the lot and hood: Even if you have a pc that only allows you to play with the settings on low, try adjusting the settings if possible just long enough to get a screenshot including the surroundings. It can really make a picture more visually appealing.

* Use the antique camera that came with University to have your sims pose. It can be very handy for a family shot. If you don’t want to wait for your sim to earn the antique camera, bring up the cheat box and type in… unlockCareerRewards. As long as your game is not paused, and the sim is posing via the camera, they will follow you with their eyes & head whichever way you move the camera. Until you get just the right shot. (kind of trippy :P)

* Combining screenshots is always a great idea

* It is almost as much fun to be creative with your screenshots, as it is taking them. If you have different scrap booking software, or photo editing software, you can do all kinds of neat things with screenshots. So next time instead of scrap booking the little ones or that hot guy from school, try working with your screenshots. Adding graphics is great too! Just not overly done. Remember, the more graphics you add to a screenshot, increases the size in mbs or kbs of that screenshot, and it takes away from the focus of the subject.

I wrote a tutorial that is essentially what I have posted here, but it includes screenshot examples lol
if you want to download it, (Word format), here is the link:

screenshot tutorial

A couple random game facts

* The bay window came with OFB,
but you could not place objects on it until the Pets EP.

* you do not have to close Wizards of Simpe to test an object in game, just make sure that
Wizards of Simpe is open *before* the game is or it won't work. Makes it quicker when recoloring, not to have to wait for Wizards to load everytime.

* quick tip for new or potential builders... if your searching for inspiration, the internet of course is a great resource... perhaps I will share my online resources in another entry but also try grabbing the free "Homes for sale" magazines tht are usually in your local grocer. Make a folder or something with cut out pics from it :P
I am mostly known for my lots =P Usually my imagination suffices, but I find these magazines handy to have just in case.

Happy simming heh heh
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a journal heh

Date Posted: 29th Jul 2007 at 3:29 PM

what will Delphy think of next? Can't wait to start playing with this feature, hopefully pass on building tips etc to those thinking of creating. To me, I always find the roof to be one of the biggest challenges, I am very very picky about my lots, and especially the roof. I would definitely recommend plenty of experimenting with the roof tools, you can come up with some pretty kewl combinations even without boolprop

*Okay erm, little random cute fact in the game. The baby plant sims, cute huh? Try directing them to go to a flower bed in your yard
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