clones again - zip inside !!!UPDATED!!!

Date Posted: 5th Apr 2008 at 2:47 PM

hi guys!

some of you might have noticed that i stopped making skins some time ago. i kinda got bored of playing sims although i might get back to making things in the future, maybe after i finished my graduation exams and such.

so, as a few people were interested in my clone skins, i decided to release them via this journal (just 'cause i haven't exactly finished them and i can't remember all the meshes i used, whoops :D)
if anyone feels like reskinning/retexturing and releasing them using my skins as a guide, feel free to do so, just give me a little credit plz :D

the meshes i used are (i think) tiggerypum's alpha editable male skirt, beosboxboy's nude athlete mesh and generalzoi's metroid boots, gauntlets and shoulder cuffs accesories (just get her whole costume pack hehe :D)

icluded in the zip are a plain clonetrooper skin (recolouring is encouraged ), commander thire (arc trooper) and shocktrooper skins with matching accessories, comander bacara and galactic marine skins with matching accessories, commander bly skin (i think) and a commander keller skin

tell me what you think if you decide to try these out in game
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Date Posted: 2nd Aug 2007 at 9:00 PM

hey everyone!

i decided to post an entry about stuff that's in the making. i wanted to have a few clone troopers in my sci-fi neighborhood after i made Jango's armor, but i'm not sure about uploading them here. i'm planning on making various colors and styles but i couldn't find a suitable mesh for them, so i placed the finished skins on the nude athlete mesh. i'd also like to make special-ops troopers such as the ARC-s, but they wear these skirt kind-of things and shoulder patches and here's the problem again with the mesh.

and as for their helmets - i can't do those unfortunately. i tried to recolor both the mando helmet and a stormtrooper one but they look kinda funny.

i'm going to post a few pics to see if there's anyone out there who wants these for making movies or something and i also hope that someone knows a mesh i could use to make the clones look more realistic.

this will probably be the main pic if i decide to post the things some day:

this is an ARC trooper, his outfit has a lot of accesories to go with it and it's a recolor of tiggerypum's alpha editable skirt
ARCs look somewhat like these guys

this is commander Cody 's armor

commander Bacara and his galactic marines

the newest addition: commander Thire and some shocktroopers (just so you could see that i'm still alive, heh)
note how it looks totally flat, even though i tried to bring out the seamlines by painting them over in ps.

if you managed to bump into my journal and have any opinion about this project of mine, please leave a comment whether good or bad
(and sorry for the crappy quality of the pics)
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