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Life without CC

Date Posted: 7th Oct 2007 at 1:23 AM

So it's been a good month since I made the big sacrifice, and removed all my custom content to start from scratch again.

Now I love CC, a bit too much, there were around 50 000 carefully selected items in my DL folder, and they made my lots infinitely more interesting... while they ran.

You see the issue was that the game simply couldn't handle it, it would freeze up and go to a blank screen for a few minutes while it caught up with all the graphics stuff it had to do. Parties were a nightmare, more than 2 pets made a lot unplayable, and as for snow! I got to the point where I almost dreaded a new EP, knowing that I would really want to be playing it, but dealing with the frustration of not actually being able to play properly, spending 20 minutes waiting for the game to load, and more time watching a blue screen than actually playing when it did load.

I had to start over completly, a bit of a wrench as I lost a whole neighbourhood, and I mean a *whole* neighbourhood. I play the lots on a neighbourhood in rotation, a sim-week at a time, so I play a whole community, not just a household, I also never bring NPCs into my families. I had about 20 different families, all distinct, all well established, on about the 6th generation. But then they were getting a bit boring, by about the third generation cashflow is never an issue, and if you never leave the home lot for fear of load times, it gets a bit repetitive!

The new 'hood is great, I've built it all myself from scratch, I'm having some issues making the houses distinctive now, it's a bit more a of challenge using limited build tools, but then a challenge can't be a bad thing. It's also a lot easier to share my builds, the packages are cleaner, and I don't have to be careful about what I use, as there is no CC there to get mixed in. I'm really discovering the whole point of stuff packs now too, I'm itching to get my hands on teen style - I miss my goth stuff

I have reinstalled some CC, which I really can't do without, which includes:
Enayla's skins and eyes, inc all default replacements.
Default replacement baby outfit (sleepsuit, noone dresses their baby in just a nappy) and the default reps of Foxybaby's sundress as maternity wear.
A handful of outfits for each age range - mostly just maxis recolours though, only about 2 meshes, and those are versatile ones I can get a lot of recolours out of.
Those curtains that match the bed clothes, and a handful of bed clothes.
A select few XM sims hairs and Rosesims hairs.
Pescardo's phone hack
Homework hack
anti baby-harrassment (I left that out, but got driven mad on the first day by sims bothering the baby all the time)
Moniques hacked computer - because i can't be doing with taking my sims shopping every time someone has a birthday and needs new clothes.
The critical anti-redundancy hack for BV

I have to say though, I'm not missing the CC all that much, I'm having too much fun playing! :D
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Might as well start using this then....

Date Posted: 2nd Sep 2007 at 10:17 AM

So this is a creator journal then *looks around a bit*. It'll do. I often feel like adding a bit of extra info about what I am up to, and what's coming next, but it often seems out of place, or it I am uploading a few bits, I can never decided what to put on each one.

I'm going to start by writing a few posts about playing the game, what I have been working on etc, and see how it goes.
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