My new site and creating for TS3

Date Posted: 1st Oct 2009 at 9:27 PM

Hello, all-- I've had a new site url for a while (there was some administrative change that happened in WNF and I decided to break off and start fresh on my own, see my post here), and I thought I'd write an entry here, for those of you who read this.

Aaaaand, about TS3. In short, I'm waiting for plugins for Blender. I don't use Milkshape, and I don't plan on buying it. I use Blender-- open-source, free, a great program for meshing. The problem is, everyone seems to be in love with Milkshape (I think it's really because people started out with that program, and nobody wants to change), and no one is creating any import/export plugins for any other program. So if you don't use Milkshape, you can't create for the game.

Which sucks. So it might be a long time before I can make anything for you guys for TS3.

Here is a post about that, too.

Anyway, that's all.
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Why my site is not available at the moment:

Date Posted: 11th Jul 2008 at 8:38 PM

As you may have noticed, is offline. How long will it be that way for? I have no idea.

My site is part of the Wicked Nouk Family of free sites, and it's hosted on the WNF personal server. This is just dandy, except that we've been the target of server attacks constantly, and when the server has to be shut down, every site on it is shut down, too.

Why does our server keep being attacked? Because we create high-quality custom content that is all available to you free, without having to pay for any subscription, or 'donate' to get access to a donation pack, etc. And this means competition for those who want to take money for their creations.

By taking money from you for custom content (clothing, objects, skins-- anything that is a .package file (which means all CC)), this group is violating Maxis/EA's EULA.

Now, this isn't the reason I create only free content, even though others do strictly to 'play by the rules'. I share my creations for free because I want the community to realize that great CC isn't only available if you shell out cash for it. Some of the best work out there is completely free, and yet people continue to sign up for subscriptions to pay sites. Pay sites that attack sites and servers that are free in order to stomp out the competition.

So that's why my site is down, and while we're working to have WNF online again, there's no way to tell how long it will be until then.

If you're missing any of the creations that were on my site or any of the other WNF sites, maybe you should hesitate before subscribing to that huge pay site, and think about what kind of behavior you're supporting.

- Adele
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