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Date Posted: 2nd Jun 2009 at 9:50 AM

So, I was going to make something for the Fallout/Apocalypse theme, but obviously I didn't.
I started something, though. Basicaly just a grungy, diner-style chair and table. Then I wanted to do some rusty, industrial shelves to go with it, decided that I wanted functional slots (even thought I've never done slots before) and ... failed. RL stuff happened*, things went wrong*, the deadline went by....
Yeah, so, would people be interested if I posted the chair and the table that I already made? Maybe with some "clean" recolors?

I have to stay at home the next days to be able to answer the questions of the people who are ripping the roof off in the other room right now, so recoloring might be a good timekiller.

Also: I ordered the Sims 3.
Although I didn't really want to get it and I'm definitely not planning to abandon Sims2... but what can I say? The flesh is weak...

* (not sims-related, but I feel like rambling a bit)
First I had a lot of work with one of my courses at uni (still have...), then I planted a huge vegetable garden (which I was really proud of) with my grandma, then a hailstorm destroyed almost everything (and twisted off half of one of our oldest trees in the garden).
Just when we started to clean up and replace plants, we got a call that the dormer window we had ordered was ready now instead of at the agreed time and had to be built in as soon as possible, which meant I had to spend the last three days emptying my room completely (which is more work that one might think. I think half of my posessions are loose notes and papers, that have to be sorted and organised...,)
And just when I thought I'd have the room empty on time, I had to "rescue" my parents when their car broke down in the middle of nowhere... and as I don't have a car and don't usually drive, I had to locate my brother first, who was in the middle of a different nowhere at the time.
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Wait, what?

Date Posted: 28th Feb 2009 at 9:54 PM

Featured Creator? Me?
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First entry & "Bibliothek" update

Date Posted: 14th Feb 2009 at 12:36 AM

Soooo... this is my first journal entry here and if I post here as regularly as in my other journals you can expect the next entry in .... half a year. Or longer.

But the real reason I write here is because I wanted to let people know that I updated my "Bibliothek" livingroom.
There is now a matching desk, a chair and corner pieces for the bookcases!

My next project will be either a set of succulents in stone planters or a livingroom in a colorful, modern country style. I'm working on both at the moment. Let's see which one works out.

In other news: It's snowing! In big, soft flakes! Everything ist so pretty outside! (well not right now, because it's dark outside, but it was and will be tomorrow!)
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