Date Posted: 6th May 2010 at 4:09 AM


I will load up the content you have made and I will take pretty pictures that either fit in with your theme or a plain background. I will need a general idea of what you want or just tell me if you don;t care. This includes any photoshopping you want done or areas you want highlighted or if you want a border.

A notice: I will gladly do clothing BUT, my graphics card, for some reason does not support bumpmaps, so your clothes will not look as well as they were textured.

I will also provide a list of CC used in the screen shots.

So, a list of things you need to do:
-Send me a PM or Email
-Tell me what you want me to do and any reference pictures you want it based off of
-Make sure to include your creation and the EPs/SPs it requires. I sometimes uninstall a few.

I will accept any clothing request, but I require as many pictures as possible of said piece of clothing. I do not mesh, so if you want it on a specific mesh, you are going to have to link to it otherwise I will look for one as close to the original as possible. I will to either hand painted or photo/realistic, let me know what you want.

Anything Else
You can ask me to do some off the wall thing like a modern mansion or a medieval hovel and I will be happy to try. Give it a shot, asking won't hurt.

I will take no requests related to the following subjects:
-Twilight, if you ask, I will send real vampire minions to eat your first born then your computer
-I do not do sims of people. I have tried and I suck.
-I do not mesh or do game mods.
- I don't really do Maxis Match, but I will try.
-I will not do your research for you, if you want a specific house, just don't send me the name and expect me to do the work.

What you need to do, no matter what category
-Send me a PM.
-Include a basic description
-Include as many pictures as possible
-Include all EPs/SPs it requires or what you don't have so I don't make that a requirement.
-Tell me in what style such as hand painted, photo realistic or maxis match.
- Be patient. Good work takes a good amount of time.

I will send updates on requests with pictures throughout. I will update my journal to include all request and requests are accepted on a first some, first serve basis. If you are denied, I will let you know that day and for what reason. I do have all EPs, but most are uninstalled.

Outstanding Requests
Custom Horse Sign by Addicted2TheSims2: 5% finished
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Upcoming Finals and a New Project

Date Posted: 17th Apr 2009 at 2:23 AM

Hey all! I am finally done with all of my work and my finals are next week, so..... I'LL BE DONE WITH MY FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE! That also means I will be around more often and more uploads will be added. Requests are currently being filled, so don't worry.

Speaking of downloads, some of you have been messaging me about a Mod group I am in called HighRollers. And yes there is an upcoming project that is 95% finished and I am guessing that it will be released within a months time. We started this project way back in November of 2007 and have working hard ever since. Here are all of the totally awsome members that it has been a pleasure working with:

J. M. Pescado

It has been a long two years and I enjoyed every minute of it. Most of us have had a difficult time, but we managed.

Keep an eye out, High Rollers Project coming to a computer near you!

Bites and Kisses
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Happy February 16!

Date Posted: 16th Feb 2009 at 8:42 AM

Hey guys! I have been around but not really uploading. School has been like HELL, only really cold, a lot of work and waaayyyyy too much noise. I have about 30 projects all backed up right now because I have no free time what so ever, so when semester ends, APRIL 20th!!!, I will be around bunches and I am sure I will have some ne downloads for you. So, if you are waiting on request, please be patient and I will finish them in order of request. Thanks!

Oh, and by the way, I have found a new obsession, or I should say I rekindles it from childhood, thats right, THE JOKER! I have always loved the animaed series, but when the Dark Knight came out, it just opened the gates. When I was little, I would watch the Batman Animated Series for hours on end until my parents decided that my role model was the Joker insted of a princess or a fairy, so they cut me off, so to speak. Now, the obssesion has returned, and with vengace, so you will be seeing alot of Joker references popping out of me! And, if you ahve no seen the movie, please do. I own a Joker group, and I am inviting anyone that would like to join. I have a special thread detailing all of my favorite moments, so check that out too!

Bites and Kisses
Vampire (& the :lovestruc Joker :lovestruc )
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Still Here..

Date Posted: 28th Nov 2007 at 2:19 AM

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here. I have been missing for a while because my Grandfather passed away. I have been staying at my grandma's house on the weekends and any extra days of I have, just to help her cope. She doesn't have an internet connections, so I am unreachable on the weekends and most holidays, just think if you are off of school, I won't be here. I miss him very much and I am still in my grieving process. I am still creating and still plan to fill outstanding request/planned creations, just be patient with me. Any questions, comments, request, etc. there is a couple of way to get a hold of me.
1.Post in this journal
2.Post in one of my uploads
3.PM me here
4.AIM me at vampiredemort
5.E-mail me at [email protected]

Also here is a list of upcoming projects:

Ravenhearst, type Victorian House
Victorian Community Lot
Modern Mansion

And sometime down the line...
Seven Deadly Sims
Moulin Rouge set (to be realeased after 10,000 thanks)
Self Sim (Vampire Type)

Bites and Kisses
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