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Zinthos 8th Aug 2009 4:08 PM

The Hot Guy Thread.
I put this up loads on other sites. It's pretty simple, tbh. It's time for some appreciation of men.

The Rules:
-You can basically spam-chat people as long as you post a hot male will doing it.
-All hot men must be submitted with both picture AND name. Because not everyone knows a man by his six-pack.
-Someone else will make a hot women thread, because I never do that.
-While other people may be blind and post ugly men, don't flame them too much for it. There is a line up there somewhere, and I'm probably on the other side of it, so don't cross it too, kthx.
-Only post one guy at a time. Because it laggs if there's 50 pictures in every post. (And it's a simple way to get your postcount up, if you care about the size of your e-peen, which I do) But feel free to put up to 10 pictures of every guy. Let's face it, if he's hot, we wanna see every angle! ;]

I'll start.
I up you pplz with Mark Ronson.

Ohhh yeah.

Rabid 8th Aug 2009 4:18 PM

This is like the Hot or Not Game with pictures .

Is he Samantha Ronson's brother, Zinthos? She's a trainwreck, but he's cute!

Chris Pine *fans self*:


Zinthos 8th Aug 2009 4:19 PM

Yeah. Mark was famous before Samantha, but then she went and snogged a lesbian, and she's more famous than he is. xD

zauberlinda12 8th Aug 2009 4:55 PM

Those are some yummy pics of Chris Pine. He's certainly easy on the eyes!

Rob Pattinson because, well, there are no words. Just perfection.

Zinthos 8th Aug 2009 9:45 PM

...Oh lord, a Twilight junky. D:

Sendhil Ramamurthy.

Because if all the guys in India looked like that, there'd be no way that most of the population is in poverty.

zauberlinda12 8th Aug 2009 9:56 PM

Ooooh. Love those dark eyes.

No, no. Let's be clear...A Rob Pattinson Junky.

And no hot guy thread can be complete without a blast from the past:

A young Rutger Hauer:

Rabid 8th Aug 2009 9:57 PM

^Mohinder! Such a useless character, but he's gorgeous, so we'll keep him around . His hair is so sexy. Dare I say that he's the most attractive Indian man I've ever seen?

Zachary Quinto:

I love his fashion sense, and he has awesome hair. My brother's hair is the same color and texture, and I keep trying to push him into doing it the same way. I think that a good deal of ZQ's hotness comes from the shmexy eyebrows and the badass villain-ness, but who cares ?

zauberlinda12 8th Aug 2009 9:59 PM

Whoo-eeee...he's workin' those gorgeous eyebrows!

stygia2002 8th Aug 2009 10:00 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I've seen alot of nice looking guys from India, but I guess that's not really the norm.

How about a little archaeological action...inspired by WA? Josh Bernstein (the only celebrity my husband has ever been jealous over )

Edit: you guys are fast! Rutger Hauer...oh yeah! Zach Quinto looks too much like my psycho ex (Spock is another story)

lethifold 9th Aug 2009 1:11 AM

Poor little (well, actually unbelievably tall) Alexander SkarsgÄrd is feeling left out. But it's okay. He's mine anyway.

zauberlinda12 9th Aug 2009 1:27 AM

He's gorgeous and all but I don't trust a guy that shaves his armpits...I'm just sayin'

lethifold 9th Aug 2009 1:29 AM

Ahh, I went by the whole "I don't trust a guy who shaves anything other than there face," but then I realised that most guys down here play rugby and shave or wax their legs for it, so I kinda gave up caring. But it's a bit alarming when you see this really buff guy walking along next to you, and his legs are all prickley because he needs to shave.

zauberlinda12 9th Aug 2009 1:51 AM

Why do Rugby players have to shave anything?

Australian, Mark Webber Formula 1 Race Car Driver, Red Bull Team:

lethifold 9th Aug 2009 1:53 AM

I love that first picture of Mark Webber .

They shave/wax because they cover their legs in tape, or tape up injuries, and it hurts removing tape when you've got really hairy legs.

zauberlinda12 9th Aug 2009 2:00 AM

Ohhhh. That makes sense now. Still doesn't explain why some guys shave their armpits

I know. Isn't he a cutie? I went to several F1 races when they had the US on the race schedule. I saw him walking around the pits and got a pretty good look at him from afar! I'm so bummed that they stopped racing over here

lethifold 9th Aug 2009 2:11 AM

I know a guy who shaves his armpits. He doesn't shave his legs or anything coz he doesn't play footy, but he shaves his armpits. He says he likes it better that way .

I'm not really a fan of racing (or of any other sports other than Rugby Union and the odd tennis match), but I watch it occasionally. But he's definitely a cutie...

stygia2002 9th Aug 2009 2:26 AM

Alot of bodybuilders shave everything too. Especially if they're into competitive bodybuilding.

Rabid 9th Aug 2009 5:31 AM

It's possible that they photoshopped his armpit hair out and he had to do absolutely nothing- most of the women I know are completely disgusted by armpit hair on a man no matter how natural it may be. Perhaps it's because we're so disgusted by our own armpit hair and feel the need to shave it.

Beata125 9th Aug 2009 7:16 PM

true rabbit ^^^^

lethifold 9th Aug 2009 10:32 PM

I know I'm disgusted by armpit hair. But yeah, they may have photoshopped it out orrrrrr he shaved it. Either way, meh. He's hot. :P

Raindrops757 10th Aug 2009 10:00 PM

Jared Leto...

zauberlinda12 13th Aug 2009 3:42 AM

Time for another hot guy break.

This is Scott McGillivray. He's the hunky host of HGTV's Income Property. I love that show! Gotta love a Guy in a toolbelt!

stygia2002 13th Aug 2009 3:47 AM

1 Attachment(s)
David Conrad from The Ghost Whisperer:

zauberlinda12 13th Aug 2009 4:08 AM

He's a cutie. Stygia - what do you do to post in that screenshots view? Is that the proper way to post pics from other sites? Just curious. Thanks.

minus. 13th Aug 2009 10:29 AM

Everyone meet Dregen. He might be a tad bit scary, but I love him.

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