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Test Subject
#26 Old 19th Feb 2009 at 5:44 PM
I would be happy to be one of the resident SimArchitects here for lots. In a couple of weeks, I shall have much more time and I would love to get building again. I have recreated houses from Simcity 3000 and Simcity 4 - and I have even been searching through screenshots of a Maxis game that none of us have ever/will ever play: Simsville. For now, you can find replicas of the houses from Desperate Housewives in my portfolio, as well as a couple of houses inspired by the Maxis Sims 2 collections.

I do get Sims 1 nostalgia - there's just something about it that's warm, intriguing and funny.

CorsetCrush: I also liked the cars in TS1 - and I think most of them were based upon real models like the VW golf and the Dodge Viper. That Bentley still appears in SimCity 4 - along with other great looking cars in Rush Hour. I'm pretty sure that Will Wright or someone has a weakness for 1950s cars - seeing there's the 'Junky' Chevolet in TS1, and cars with fins appear in SC3K, 4 and Simsville. The car designs in TS2 sucked though, and they all had silly steering wheels.
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#27 Old 21st Feb 2009 at 6:30 AM
I'd be happy to recreate some of the houses, I just recently re-installed The Sims Complete Collection, so I have access to all of the lots.
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#28 Old 22nd Feb 2009 at 8:10 PM
I only do texturing - recolouring. But I'm happy to texturing for the original objects as well, if the uvmapping is already done.

I'm in the process of moving back to Australia - where I have the complete sims1 collection, sim safari and simcity. So will be able to help more after April 10.

I've already done the Sims Walls, and a few other things at my site -


Simthing for everyone

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#29 Old 25th Feb 2009 at 10:46 PM
Hey there I am DD and i would love to join this project, it is great to see so many great builders and meshers getting involved in this Ok here is what i can do:
Mesh (mapping is suckish though )
Build Houses
Recolours (I LOVE recolouring )
I can also do walls and floors if you want to expand that far into the game but that may be excessive

Anyway yeah i would love to delve in and give this project a go, thanks,


It's ok, we all laugh-snort occasionally!
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#30 Old 7th Mar 2009 at 2:11 AM
Sorry for the delay everyone, I've been very busy in the real world and trying to catch up now. All invites have been sent out.

QBUILDERZ, Xianny, Draik12, & other lot builders:
There are many lots to build, most notably community type lots. Hopefully you can find some that you can have fun with! Also I personally would enjoy lots that fit the look and feel of the original styles but entirely new lots!

Hmm... I may even have a mini challenge for lots brewing...

I would LOVE lots & houses from non-Sims 1 games, I remember being annoyed with SimCity 4 because the closest zoom was not good enough to see the buildings in higher detail. I would love to see some of the Simville houses, I was really disappointed when they canceled it, but I guess we got Sims 2 out of it!

I think you are right about the cars, I'm not a car fanatic (I'm 30 and I've never had a driver's license!) but I really like the look of the older cars. The cars in Sims 1 were SO much more interesting than Sims 2. With Makin' Magic there was the blimp and the clown car, Old Town and Superstar had two different trollies, vacation had the luggage rack on the SUV with the luggage, even Superstar had the pink limo with the flamingo hood ornament! To me the Sims 2 cars still don't compare.

I have had that link bookmarked for quite some time now...

Recolors are always wonderful, and honestly I tend to spend about half my time (or more) trying to recolor 'remade' objects to match the Sims 1 originals but I'm much happier just meshing (and that DOES include UVmapping). I can do some basic recolors (more to identify the parts than actually making worthwhile textures) so that the UVmaps will make more sense. At the moment the lack of meshes (and their textures/recolors) to me seems to be the biggest reason why the Sims 1 and other game lots were never done really well. Plus you can give me feedback on if the UVmap needs to be changed to better fit how it will be recolored.

Deluxe Designs:
YAY, another mesher!! We definitely need these! What way do you map your objects? UVmapper pro, classic, or another way?

Personally I'd love to have lots of great recolors for SimNation's new objects, making them appealing to all gamers, not just the "retro sim gamers."

Photographs, meaning screenshots or something else?

Excessive? I have obsessive-compulsive disorder... excessive is a word that is unknown to me...

Original Screenshots from previous games- if anyone has any to offer they will be gladly accepted! I just do not have the time to collect all that are needed (and still have time to mesh), so even if you have one or two we'd love to see them!

Welcome to SimNation!
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#31 Old 24th Mar 2009 at 7:37 PM
that works for me I just love texturing - I almost got a paying job in it at one point.

No problems at all with feedback on the UVmap. :D

I'm coming up to my last days in Ireland now, so I should be set in a couple of weeks :D


Simthing for everyone

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#32 Old 25th May 2009 at 8:07 PM
If somebody could get me some good clear screenshots, I'd be willing to take a stab at meshing and texturing the old-fashioned refrigerator from TS1. Someone remade the matching stove but never the fridge, and I've missed it, but I no longer have TS1 installed and I'm not sure where my disks are now...
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#33 Old 16th Jun 2009 at 6:10 AM
I'd like to help. I have Sims 1, SimCity4, and Sim City Societies. I mesh, uv map, texture, and dabble in BHAVS. I have only been creating for a few months, but I'll help any way I can

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#34 Old 19th Jun 2009 at 7:14 AM Last edited by daluved1 : 19th Jun 2009 at 9:00 AM.
I'd love to help! I have The Sims 1: Complete Collection, Sim City 2000, and Sim City 4

I have a back up of my Sim 1 downloads from many moons ago somewhere >>"

*looks around her filthy room*

I can make careers...and I can build. I've also tried my hand at object creation, although I'm still making basic things like plates and bowls.

Now there's one thing I know for sure that I can do well: art work!
Just give me a picture and I'll recreate it for you.

(If you want to take a look at some of my work, you can look here:
Test Subject
#35 Old 15th Jul 2009 at 11:38 AM

  • Librarians- This is for those who actually still remember how to mod from Sims 1 or are proficient enough with the net to track down the illusive info. This is most important with clothing and viewing the Sims in SimShow and I cannot remember how to do it! Also I really, really, really, want the .BMPs extracted for the Walls and floors so I can see about remaking them for Sims 2 quality.

[bmps can be extracted using a FAR editor and cmx maker. I think these programs are still available.
Test Subject
#36 Old 22nd Aug 2009 at 8:44 AM
Is there any intent to continue work on this for Sims 3, once proper meshing tools become available?

If so, I'd be more than willing to help recreate some of the lots.
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#37 Old 31st Jan 2010 at 2:31 AM
I can make the .sc4 terrain now witch one Old town or regular Sim Lane.

Go Super Mario Project bu Rapsheba!
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#38 Old 23rd Mar 2010 at 1:39 AM
I have completed Simville (That's the town in Sims 1)

Go Super Mario Project bu Rapsheba!
#39 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 12:10 AM
Levini is looking to join im looking for a website to join and will be planning to get my site up if you can get me the pictures i can build it (i dont have the original TS1 anymore because of an old virus that infected every disk i put in the computer (both the comp. and game are gone)) but i am happy to build (i am not known on this site as an up-loader but still i like to build )

What kind of Sim loves like this?
#40 Old 27th Apr 2010 at 9:45 PM
i can do the one from the base i remember the original map from the base

What kind of Sim loves like this?
Test Subject
#41 Old 21st May 2010 at 8:31 PM
Well, since i'm starting with workshop, i will try to do a few objects and houses, if i have pictures of course.
#42 Old 23rd May 2010 at 3:53 AM
which houses i already have the goths house done and the mansion on the other side of the bridge

What kind of Sim loves like this?
Lab Assistant
#43 Old 23rd May 2010 at 11:55 PM
I would love to help building because thats all i can do, but this project is for sims 2 right?
#44 Old 24th May 2010 at 7:57 PM Last edited by levini : 30th May 2010 at 11:47 PM.
Hey does anyone have the pictures of the 3 sim lane (i think) and 6 sim lane Both are from the first neighborhood i just dont have the game nor skills to get a screenie (long story why i dont have the original)

What kind of Sim loves like this?
#45 Old 7th Jul 2010 at 8:58 PM
I made a table lamp from the Sims 1 for Sims 2 on Sapphiresims as my policy states, you can feel free to use it in lots that you submit to any site, so that includes mts of course.
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#46 Old 7th Jan 2012 at 11:59 PM
I could help dig through old files from TS1 to give to modders to convert to TS2 or TS3 content

~ModGod ~

ModGod the Great! (ModicusGodius thy Greaticus!)
Test Subject
#47 Old 29th Jun 2012 at 8:26 PM
Default Modding Sims
ill help, as my expansions and stuff are arriving soon and im all into this stuff.

what i need however,
is a tutorial on how to mod. yes. id like to know everything i can before just barreling into the mod programs and stuff.

ill contribute to this but is there a sims 1 mos tutorial out there?

i would really like to read it and anything else available first.
Test Subject
#48 Old 29th Jun 2012 at 8:28 PM
Default ----
need i also mention i have pages full of mods at my disposal too....
Test Subject
#49 Old 30th Jun 2012 at 1:13 AM
Default and
also could someone tell me if this thread is dead or not. because ive had a terrible time finding recent modding instructions on the sims 1. every builder who claims to be working on the sims seems to have quit or is being silent.

i really


want sims 1 modding tutorial or some other
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#50 Old 30th Jun 2012 at 4:51 PM
Originally Posted by Elephant
Sounds good,

Since it'd be easier to see what we can re-create, here's a list of the Sim games

Sim Farm
Sim Ant
Sim Life
Sim Park
Sim Safari
Sim Theme Park
Sim Tower
Sim Nation
Sim City
Sim City 2000
Sim City 3000
Sim City 4
Sim City Societies (2008)

The Sims
-Living Large
-House Party
-Hot Date
-Making Magic

Did I forget any?

So, when all is finished will it be uploaded here to MTS2?
Something like the Simstones or A Midsimmer's Night Dream uploads?

Also, since I'd like to make some neighborhoods, should there be a Main 'hood, and then each game (including TS1 EPs) could have their own sub-hood off of that?

I'm thinking we can upload the 'hoods like that with lots and decor already added.

It'd be easy to make 'hoods for Sim Safari, Sim Town, and other games that don't have a defined map to base them off of.

Noo! Not Societes that wasn't made by maxis, is 3D is by Tilted Mill and Definately not a Sim game. Also it was made AFTER the sims 2 sooo yeah.
Also you missed SimEarth, SimAnt, SimRefinery, SimMars, SimsVille, and SimLife

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