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#26 Old 2nd Jun 2020 at 4:02 PM
So I replayed the rotation. And of course everything was completely different
I was so native to expect otherwise!

In the Bee family, Deidre was fired (after an unlucky chance card).
I was hesitating whether she should go to college or try to get promoted in her career, but now there is no shadow of a doubt. When she's the right age, she'll go to college.

She decided to socialize with her friend, Murphy the eternal newspaper guy. (He's going to college too, I swear!)
I had kind of expected them to get romantically involved (after Daniel grew up) but Deidre never really had any interest.

And also a pic of all the young Drones (plus Murphy), hanging out as they used to when they lived all together.

In the Duncan family, Murphy met little Megan. She wants to make friends, and Murphy is the first young person she meets outside her family.

While Cleo and Megan were at school, Sari gave birth to a baby boy: welcome to the world, Terence Duncan!

And here Sari is helping Cleo with her homework, while Megan phones her new friend Murphy.

But of course I was looking forward playing the Carr family.
Got Cillian impregnated by aliens (using the tombstone), and he soon showed his bump.

Bills came, but Cillian was more interested in telling the news to the postman than actually paying them

And then, Spencer Carr grew up. (I hardly ever have babies growing up autonomously btw.)

And now they have a toddler and one baby is about to arrive... Wait! Not one! TWO babies!!
Both of them are males, the alien-ish one is Hank Drone and the lemon-ish one is Trevor Drone.

Life is gonna be complicated with a toddler and 2 babies...

And this is it. I also played the Garcia household but nothing important happened and apparently I took no pictures at all.
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#27 Old 3rd Jun 2020 at 2:45 PM
Default Rotation #19
Things are about to get very exciting.
Deidre is going to college! This was her last rotation at home, and she'll be moved into college first thing in the next rotation.
I'm also adding another townified unnatural color (pumpkin-ish) because when you go to college it's just natural that you meet all sorts of people!

In the meantime, her half-brother Mark rolled a want to write a great novel.
Even if it's not so great it will add to the family income, and that's always a good thing!

Things are moving in the Duncan family too.
Little Megan finally got glasses too - it's a family trait :D

Cloe grew up, she's now a teenager - and a Romance Sim!
I changed her hairstyle, it was too serious for her now, and also applied some blueish make up to match her clothes.

Both sisters keep getting along despite the age gap.

The youngest one, Terence, also grew up: he's now a toddler. Which means tons of work for his parents!

And there are plenty of other things to do at home, much repairing, cleaning and harvesting! Baxter is dead tired!

Baxter's older son, Cillian, also has a large family now.
At the beginning of the rotation Hank and Trevor were still babies, and - although Jaclyn helped a bit - Cillian had to take care of them for most of the day.

Jaclyn usually prefers to spend time with their common son, Spencer. She is teachin him to walk, for example.

Later Hank and Trevor grew up, and now it's three toddlers at home! It's gonna be so damn complicated!!

This time I do have pictures of the Garcia family too.
For example, Daniel taking care of the tomatoes.

And also in friendly terms with Scott, the neighbour who is Missy's enemy. I hope she does not get mad at Daniel for that!

Also working hand by hand with his father.

But, yeah, I'm so looking forward college!
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#28 Old 6th Jun 2020 at 10:04 AM
Default Rotation #19
Now this is what I call an eventful rotation! Lots of news here!!
Which means, I'm afraid, tons of pictures

I started playing the university subhod, to which Deidre Bee moved at the same time as two townies: Murphy Holding (aka newspaper guy) and Destiny Reichert (aka Farmers Market worker who is friends with Cillian).
As soon as they set foot on the dorm, I turned them into townies again - but at least they have aged.

Deidre grew up in a terrible outfit (the vampire countess one) so I decided she could "borrow" Destiny's one, it looks much better on her and it was already avaliable in the wardrobe since Destiny had been shortly "living" there already.

The dorm has 5 bedrooms, which means that there are 4 other students living there.
The ones who moved there first were actually Murphy and Destiny - since they already existed as townies - and then two more people: Joannie McKenzie (female, lemon-skinned) and Jerald Hogg (male, boringly-skinned).

They are not the only new Sims created, for Deidre met two teachers: Prof. Kidd is an adult female, and Prof. Kerr is an elder male.
At this point there are many more potential partners for all my Sims

And, well, other than trying to reach a decent point of knowledge, Deidre spent her first rotation in college socializing.
She got along pretty well with Destiny, two blondes in the same outfit, they must have much in common
But she also tried to talk with Jerald a bit, because, you know, he's a guy

Then I moved onto the main hood.
First thing to note: there is a new newspaper guy... and he looks pretty much the same
Ray Newkirk is the name, but other than the hair color I'd say he's a clone of Murphy!

Let's talk the Bee family.
Honey got a promotion, which means a nice bonus to buy fancy new stuff.

First of all, she bought a car. No more carpooling for Honey!
They also decided to finally build that second bedroom, which - now that Deidre is in college - is all for Mark. (We'll see what happens when Deidre returns!)

Also Mark is earning his own money - he got a novel published!
Having a bedroom on his own was really worth it

Important news in the Duncan family: Baxter has died.
Of old age, as was natural for he was the eldest of the playables. He leaves behind four children (Cillian, Cleo, Megan and Terence) and already three grandchildren, so as a founder he was pretty successful!

Life went on, with much crying and lower aspirations, but went on.
Sari rolled a want to fall in love, which means she's likely to get married again soon. (She's in very good terms with both Mark and Daniel, my playable bachelors, so they are two likely candidates.)
Cloe even got a job - she dreams of richness, not matter the career, and law enforcement seemed a reasonable choice because her mother is a policewoman and surely could help her in...

And then the Carr family, where Baxter's eldest Cillian and his wife Jaclyn struggle to raise three toddlers.
So they decided to hire a maid (her name is Kris Newson) to help them out, although they are not wealthy. We'll see if they manage this financial situation.

Cillian does most of the work attending to the children.
While Jaclyn focus mostly on Spencer (her only son), Cillian tries to juggle between them all - and that's exhausting.
Also Hank's and Trevor's aspiration meter was severily damaged by the death of grandpa Baxter - it did not hit Spencer as hard though.

And last the Garcia family, the only childless one.
They are doing fairly well, dedicating a lot of time to their hobbies:
Daniel loves sports - and plays with his friends whenever possible, although he found time for some learning too - and Alan loves painting - and now aims for creating a masterpiece.

Also Missy wrote a novel and it sold very well, which means their income increased... and they are wondering whether they ought to move out.
Not that they have A LOT of money, most likely not enough to buy a house, but since that neighbour threatened with a rent raise it might be good to leave before Monday... We'll see.
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#29 Old 9th Jun 2020 at 6:14 PM
I was gone a lot longer than I thought!

Michael is smart not to counterfeit too much and attract the wrong kind of attention. What on earth did he do to cause bees to attack him?!
Deidre was a really cute baby, and continues to be adorable as she grows up. I love the picture of her in Rotation #8 where she looks like she's pouting.
Maybe Honey has trouble making friends because she has a tendency to yell at people? The neighbors, anyway.
Mark looks really cool with his glasses. He's a great older brother.
Alan is really doing well with Missy. I did that same thing with more than one of my Pleasure Sims -- both ended up marrying someone in the heat of the moment. One married a Romance Sim and they both immediately got bad memories. It makes for an interesting marriage.
Cillian's hair makeover is good, but those clothes! What a combination of plaids.
It was sad to see Baxter die; I liked Baxter and Sari a lot as a couple.
Cleo's pink glasses are great. She's a gorgeous teen and I'm sure she'll be a very successful Romance Sim.
I love taking pictures of my families having meals together. Often it's the only time the whole family is all together, just as in real life.
I liked seeing all the young Drones together again.
Spencer Carr is a sweet looking toddler.
I can't wait to see some pumpkin colored students!
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#30 Old 10th Jun 2020 at 8:28 AM
Thank you very much for your nice comments, Cher!

Yeah, I played a lot for a while. Then my computer crashed again. >_<
It's a 6 years old laptop, so it's clearly getting old. I decided to remove Windows completely, and moved onto a Linux distro. So now I have an Ubuntu OS.
I'm still keeping it to a bare minimum, because I would like to avoid any further crashing - I'm working from home and this is a really serious issue for me!
So no TS2 for me right now. I've bookmarked a thread about playing TS2 on Ubuntu, but I'm not ready to try it yet - just in case - until I get a replacement.

Anyway I've decided to buy a desktop computer.
They are long-lasting and easier to upgrade; but we used to move a lot due to our work so we had laptops.
Now that we have settled and our kid is growing up I think it's good to have a family computer. I'll probably install TS2 on that one (hoping to have little issues!) and keep the Linux laptop for those days when I do have to work out of home.
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#31 Old 12th Jun 2020 at 4:04 PM
I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.
I thought I had a backup of the last rotation, but aparently the one that I copied into my external drive is an old one (well, not too old, but just before Cillian got pregnant and lots of things happened!).
And I don't feel like replaying two whole rotations, and getting completely different events. No, I don't.

I was eager to keep playing it but now I'm all disappointed.
I think I'm gonna ditch this hood and just start a new one. I may start a similar storyline any other time, but now I'll be happier with something that does not remind me of this disaster >_<
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#32 Old 12th Jun 2020 at 9:47 PM
That's too bad. I get annoyed when I have to repeat a few hours of Sim time that I lost for whatever reason. I would really hate to have to keep redoing complete rotations.
I hope you'll be playing soon, even if it's not Beehaven.
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#33 Old 13th Jun 2020 at 7:18 AM
Actually I already did start playing!
I "recycled" an old hood idea - which I played years ago quite differently - and used a downloadable hood, so it took me just a minute and I already have a hood up and running :D

I created a thread in this subforum, and I think the game will move pretty fast because right now all the playables are in the same household.
Which is what I need atm.
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