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The Shadow of the Night


Fighting Style: Pi Qua Quan and Judo
Nationality: Bosnian of Croat/Serb/Bosniak Descent
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 24th
Age: 17
Blood Type: 0
Height/Weight: 6'2 * 215 lbs
Body Size: B47' W36' H37'
Occupation: Student
Favorite Foods: Oranges
Hobbies: Gaming, Movies

Aldin Saric was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last days of Socialist Yugoslavia. Whilst Aldin by definition is Bosnian he is of 3 contagious peoples descent. At the age of 7, Aldins family emigrated to the USA where Aldin was taken under the wing of a Pi Qua Quan martial arts master. While Aldin excelled at the fighting style he wanted to learn more so he turned to Judo at the age of 13. Aldin is skilled in both martial arts and has successfully combined them to create a unique fighting style, however he strongly emphasizes that even though they are combined they are still separate.

Lol I got bored and made my self sound all awesome, though I do know both martial arts I just made it sound cooler.

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This is a house I made since my friend requested for it, of course it is avaliable to all of

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Sims 2 University Nightlife Open for Business

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4.2k Sims 2 University Nightlife Open for Business

Scottsdale Arizona House

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The past might be grim but you still have hope for the future.

Home Page: click here · Biography: I have an obsession with creating Sim females, don't know why really :) Location: Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina Interests: Games,Sports,Friends,History,Politics, Economy,ETC... Occupation: Student

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