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I ♥ Toki Wartooth

+ DO NOT share any of my creations on the Exchange. That is final.
+ You may, however, include them on MTS only included with the .sims2pack file, as long as you notify me via email or PM.
+ You are allowed also to use any of my creations in your screen-shots and other images as longe as you notify me via email or PM.
+ My downloads in original form should be available from THIS PAGE ONLY. If they are found anywhere else, please just PM or email me and I will find them and deal with it.

Currently Working On:
+ 'Rainbow Zebra: Re-Recolors of this' [hair re-recolor]
+ 'Hva' [AF Sim]
+ 'Ayumi Hamasaki' [AF Celebrity Sim]
+ 'Gibson Flying V in Black and White' [object recolor]

Hei. I am Wartooth, formerly known as Torako-Tiger-Girl. I live in Canada. Uh, I'm learning Japanese and Norwegian language right now. I can speak English and French fluently. I am a Pisces. The main reason I join MTS is to share my works. I make eye sets, clothing recolors + retextures, hair recolors + retextures, and mostly Body Shop stuff. What else... oh, I fail at meshing. I also do simple SimPe projects like some careers, object recolors, paintings, etc.

Some of my favorite music artists are Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, Maria Mena, and Lady GaGa. I also love all kinds of heavy metal music (power metal, death metal, symphonic metal, symphonic death metal, folk metal, black metal, etc.) My favorite bands include Finntroll, Dimmu Borgir, Dethklok, Kamelot, Epica, Enslaved, and Darkthrone. I love listening to guitar - it gives me inspiration for my own playing (which happens to fail). My two favorite solo guitar artists are Yngwie Malmsteen and the Great Kat (the fastest female guitar shredder alive - my hero).


Disastrous Sims {a Modding Team} + Celebrity Sims {a Social Group}
Art {a Social Group} + Earthly Simmers {a Social Group}
Hva: Adult Female Sim {a CFF Thread} + Ayumi Hamasaki {a CFF Thread}


Hvis bare, hvis bare du var reelle,
Jeg ville elske deg.
Hvis bare du var mer enn en fantasi,
Mer enn linjer på en skjerm.

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Set of lips for female Sims based on the lipstick Lady GaGa wore in the music video "Paparazzi".

9th Apr 2010 at 7:36pm in » Makeup


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Simple Eyes

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Nightclub Kitty Eyes

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GaGa Lips

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Anime Eyes

22nd Mar 2010 at 7:51pm


Forever Eyes

22nd Feb 2010 at 10:32pm


Angelina Eyes

11th Jan 2010 at 10:12pm


EstherBella Eyes

3rd Aug 2009 at 7:50pm

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Group for MTS members who live on Earth.
Adding a little makeup can make the difference between a plain Jane sim and a supermodel. Join if you love making makeup!
For people who like art (whether it's art class or not) or are artists themselves
A group for the people who like to see, critique, make, or ask for critique of their celeb or lookalike sims in 2 and 3 while having fun
For anyone who has read the Harry Potter series or seen the movies and fallen in love.
For all you simmers out there that love to create eyes. Discuss tips and tricks here!
Talk about your favourite song, comment your favourite music and recommend your favourite band!
Fans of Lady GaGa Unite!
For everyone who loves chocolate!
For those of us who don't like Twilight.
A place for us teenage MTS users to hang and talk.
A group to discuss Japanese Anime, and video games
Yeah we're divas, but we ride like big boys do.
A group for writers of all sorts
The Not so Secret Society for Bella Goth and all to do with Bella.
If you like or have sims that dress in alternative fashion, chat about it here
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A group for all Nintendo fans of any series. :) Nintendorks welcomes people with all the friendliness of an over-affectionate squid with many cheerfully grasping tentacles!
For anyone that likes vampires, plays with vampires [Simmys or not ; )], or just plain loves VAMPYS!

Disastrous Sims {a Modding Team} & Art {a Social Group}
Ayumi Hamasaki {a CFF Thread} & Hva: Adult Female Sim {a CFF Thread}
Toki Wartooth = ♥♥♥
formerly known as "Torako-Tiger-Girl"

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