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You can hack, modify, upload modified recolours of my original works to this website or your own & or with your lots ect as long as you give a link back so others can determine if they want the originals.

Thank you.

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If in doubt, it may be good to contact them if you have a question about using their assets for your own upload. However, the creator not having a TOU could mean they don't mind what happens with their content and you can use their assets as you wish.

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  • Teriyaki Mahi Mahi

    by fireflies 13th Mar 2008 at 10:39am

    Teriyaki Mahi Mahi. more...

    +1 packs 11 31.7k 20

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Required

  • Holiday Mini Cakes.

    by fireflies 15th Nov 2007 at 11:17pm

    These Holiday Minis were originaly created by Mdhttr323 located here Antique Bakery Set They are part of a more...

    23 99k 117

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Chicken,Milk,Toast,Pie & a Cookie

    by fireflies 21st Oct 2007 at 3:49am

    Sounds like dinner huh? These are my own lost and found files of foods i did long ago. more...

    +1 packs 24 68.3k 52

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Brain Food

    by fireflies 15th Oct 2007 at 7:53pm

    Happy Halloween Everyone! more...

    45 60.2k 64

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Beer Bottles (Budwieser & Coors)

    by fireflies 29th Sep 2007 at 1:18am

    These were made a while back so i do not know if they work for the OFB ep sales options? more...

    37 105.1k 93

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • FlapJacks!

    by fireflies 11th Sep 2007 at 6:01am

    Taken from Bon Voyage and cloned using the Pancakes. Prepared at Breakfast. more...

    20 59k 64

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Pineapple Surprise!

    by fireflies 10th Sep 2007 at 12:50am

    Taken from Bon Voyage and cloned using the Spaghetti Dinner Prepared at Dinner. more...

    22 46.8k 40

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Pumpkin Pastries!

    by fireflies 4th Sep 2007 at 12:17pm

    Pumpkin Pastries!! more...

    13 29.9k 34

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Greenhouse Door Recolours

    by fireflies 1st Sep 2007 at 10:49am

    Colours: Pink, Black, & Rainbow You can see the dfference in lighting affects by the lamps at night as more...

    +1 packs 2 16.8k 10

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • Greenhouse Recolours, Pink, Black and Rainbow

    by fireflies 27th Aug 2007 at 4:31pm

    Playing around with numenors template i made a couple of recolours and figured you might like them? Colours: Pink, more...

    +1 packs 10 20.9k 30

    Build Mode » Miscellaneous » Other

  • Salad, 8 new Varieties, taco salad updated

    by fireflies 12th Aug 2007 at 7:52am

    Many new varieties for the salad lovers to try out, Here is the Taco Salad updated to work with more...

    21 74.7k 74

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Cauldron and Bubble

    by fireflies 12th Aug 2007 at 7:19am

    The Holidays are coming for me, as you can see i have already started creating for them :) So get more...

    18 43k 49

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Peanut Butter Cookies

    by fireflies 6th Aug 2007 at 2:32am

    Peanut Butter Cookies, The kind that mother used to make :) These peanut butter cookies are a bit Large more...

    +1 packs 24 32.3k 35

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Required

  • Replacement Cereal Boxes

    by fireflies 2nd Aug 2007 at 9:16pm

    These new Cereals are Replacement Boxes only They will not add a new box of cereal, they only replace more...

    14 29.9k 23

    Miscellaneous » Foods » TS2 Only

  • Base Game Compatible Soda Tins 2

    by fireflies 28th Jul 2007 at 10:12pm

    These Soda Drinks are Base Game compatible and most were originaly Created by Fanseelamb A&W Root Beer, more...

    2 20.4k 20

    Miscellaneous » Foods » TS2 Only

  • Base Game Compatible Soda Tins

    by fireflies 28th Jul 2007 at 4:44am

    These Soda Drinks are Base Game compatible and originaly Created by Fanseelamb :) Blue Nehi Creme, 7-UP, Pepsi, more...

    6 18.5k 17

    Miscellaneous » Foods » TS2 Only

  • Blue Nehi Creme/Base Game Testers Only

    by fireflies 26th Jul 2007 at 3:39am

    Ok i have one for base gamers only, please test this and let me know if you can see more...

    9 9.6k 2

    Miscellaneous » Foods » TS2 Only

  • Banana/Dutch Chocolate/Strawberry Creme Cakes

    by fireflies 21st Jul 2007 at 7:16pm

    With Permission from the Lovely and Talented Jasana Bugbreeder Come new cakes based off of her Apple Pie Mesh more...

    17 55k 44

    Miscellaneous » Foods » TS2 Only

  • Tartlette Supremes Updated 07/06/07

    by fireflies 4th Jul 2007 at 12:42pm

    Default Language Updated for non English users. more...

    +1 packs 23 45.2k 58

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Required

  • Chicken Pot Pie

    by fireflies 4th Jul 2007 at 7:00am

    Extract the packages from the Win-Rar-Zip archives and put them in the Downloads folder (use an archive program, or the more...

    +1 packs 22 40.5k 51

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Required