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Policy and Other Random Blabbings

About Me:

I'm a 13-year-old girl. I live in Canada. I like using the '' :D '' smiley a lot, and I'm usually random and odd, except when I'm not. I don't watch much TV, but my favorite shows are CSI, Metalocalypse, and The Office. I'm a total Harry Potter dork, and I really hate Tw*light. Meyer can go and die. I like video games and books, anything fantasy-ish with a lot of good action will do. Even though I love Harry Potter, my favorite movies of all time would have to be G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Avatar. I hate Star Trek, I'm a Star Wars fan. I like Anakin way more than Luke, though. I also love punk-rock, metal, and goth rock. GaGa is pretty much the only pop I like. I'm fairly athletic, too. I play volleyball, soccer, and I fence. Cats rule, and I have my very own darling kitty. Oh! And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Tall Blonde Dudes, especially the ones in movies and schtuff ;)

My Policy:

-NEVER upload ANYTHING of mine to the Exchange unless I give you written consent, but I don't really know why I would do that.

-You can use my stuff on Sims you want to upload. Remember to ask first, though!

-As usual, no pay sites, please!

-If you want to put something of mine in a screenshot, you don't have to ask. Just remember to give credit!

-Use the Force, defenders of the llama!

-Times of Day (Skintone)
-Ebonova's House of Horrors (Eyeset)
-Birds of a Feather (RoseSims hair recolor/retexture)
-Longing Eyes (Eyeset)

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Sims love sparkly stuff. So why not make their eyes sparkle and glitter, like gems?

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Precious Stones Eyes

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