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Default Do-It-Yourself Pet Coat Customization - With Tutorial and Blank Template .packages!
Click Me!

[I appologize that I had to make it into it's own .html page! [and one with ads that that! -shudder-] There were too many images to have it in this description, and as a .rtf file, it surpassed the size limit when .zipped! I do hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone!]

Though you will see a "FULL" Version listed below, do not rush out and download it! The Regular version may be a bit limited, but it's more ideal for learning! Don't download the full version until you get a hang of the process!

I'm very happy to have finally released this download! I hope it helps everyone create those unique felines/canines they've always dreamed of having! ^ ^ If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! [though please keep in mind, I am no expert at moding etc. what-so-ever!]

Also, concerning the "Holly" schemed pet coats - these are the coats I've made as example throughout the tutorial, and thus are by no means the main focus. I simply needed ingame screencaps, and these were the only thing acceptable.

Please enjoy!

Additional Credits: SimPE
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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File Type: zip Do-It-Yourself(FULL).zip (2.04 MB, 234 downloads) - View custom content
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Oh my this sounds so fun and interesting and I cant wait to explore and find out more about it.
Thank You
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You're welcome! ^ ^ I hope it comes in use to any users wanting to do this ^ ^
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Yaaa, I've always wanted to do my own skin. Thank you very much!

PS:Your HS cat skin rocks, except for its name, because I don't celebrate it.
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I feel so silly I just NOW saw your tutorial! Yay more colors to play with!
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OMG this is exactly what I was looking for! yessss thank you <3
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Aww, it's okay Kittyvibe xD I hope this helps you with future projects, though! ^ ^

And thank you kindly, Braithu ^ ^ I'm sorry about that, I just couldn't resist, however, has it's quite the opposite for me - it's the largest celebrated holiday in our household xD
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You are a godsend! Thank you so much for this!
Finally my chausies can have the unique markings they're known for!

the crazy cat lady.
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I did everything you said, but it won't work. I made sure nothing is covering the color, and the color just does not appear What do you mean by "send the color to the downloads folder" at the end of the tutorial? Please help me. I am sssssssssoooooooo confused
P.S. Thanks for making this tutorial. It was helpful, but the end got a little confusing
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11th Jan 2009 at 7:28 PM
This message has been deleted by PuffPuff5. Reason: I need help!!!
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This is great, thank you so much. At least SOME options for CC for pets :3
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that was just what I'm looking for!<3
thank you!:3
the dowload isn't working!!TT__TT
when I click on it, a site opens and on it, it says :
403 - Forbidden
can you please help me?;_;
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Any idea how to do non-defaults?
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Hope this has been helping some people

@PuffPuff5 - Sorry that I wasn't as literal for that part, I meant that once you're done with the color..[For example, a Holly color like in the tutorial]Then save the .package on SimPE. Then, find wherever the file [that you have been working on in SimPE to make the custom coat] is in your computer. Say if you have it on the desktop, or in my documents or something..Wherever it is for you. Select it, then bring your mouse to Edit on the top bar of the folder window. [if using windows Vista, you need to press the Alt button to see these options]. Then, click "Copy to Folder..". A window will pop up, asking you where to copy the file to. Find wherever your EA Games folder is [because this is folder for the Sims]. It's usually in My Documents. Once you find it, select it from the list in that pop-up box, then continue on to select --> Sims 2 / Sims 2 Pets / Sims 2 Whatever[whatever expansion is your newest] --> Downloads. Select OK. You will now have that file in your Downloads Folder, able to be used on your game

@Pi chan - Sorry about that Well, I had to factory restore my computer since I wrote this, so just redownloaded my own files - and the download worked fine for me. So I guess it's probably working now

@Deastrumquodvicis - Nope, I have no idea, and I don't think it's even possible from what Maxis gave us to work with. That's why I tried to figure out a work around, and this is the closest I think we can get :thumbsup
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Do you think there is a way to make certain parts invisble? Or will they continually show up white? Please get back to me ASAP on that :3
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I realize this thread is all but dead & that most folks have either moved on to TS3 or never cared about Pets in the first place, but I'm going in circles here & just need a nudge in the right direction.

Where are the TXTR files for the pet coats hiding?

I've found the LIFO files (Sims13.package in the Pets folder) but I'm going in circles looking for the TXTRs.

I am trying to make my own override package for the *unlockable* pet colors for dogs, as the one the OP posted is missing the TXTR files for the long flowing tail, beard & eyebrow coat accessories, (and I want my recolors to effect those too) but darned if I can find anything related to pet textures that isn't an LIFO file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is it just me, or does posting a plea for help all but guarantee that you will solve the problem yourself moments later?

Found, extracted & imported the TXTR files I needed, so I can make my own set of "funky fur" overrides! Yay!

If anyone else is ever in the same boat, the TXTR files for the animal fur are in the Sims07.package in the Pet core files.

(And I could swear I had already looked there several times before....)

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It's not just you, that happens to me all the time.

In case it is of use to you in the future though, the pet files locations are listed in this thread:
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