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Default TUTORIAL makeup file structure and *Instance Number Lists*, catalog icon replace, default replace, SimPE Resource Finder
Level 3 Intermediate, you should know SimPE basics


This document presents information about three related topics:

1) The filestructure of Maxis lipstick (other makeup is similar).
2) How to default replace lipstick (or other stuff)
a) Maxis lipstick texture (and other makeup or stuff)
b) Maxis lipstick catalog icons (or other catalog icons)
3) How to use the SimPE Resource List and Resource Finder tools to find
related resources, parts of the same lipstick (or whatever).

TXTR (makeup image) and IMG (catalog icon image) Instance Number Lists
+ Base Game lipsticks
+ OFB lipsticks
+ Base Game Eyeshadows and Eyeliners
+ OFB eyeshadows
+ Blushes (coming soon...)
+ Other Makeup (coming at some point...)

I learned these things while fixing a Maxis bug that made the sioux lipstick
not appear in the makeup catalog. Get the fix here. Couldn't have done it without the Resource Finder.

1) Maxis Makeup File Structure

Maxis lipstick data is comprised of the following resources, scattered
across several files:

texture, images of the lipstick makeup, mipmapped,
2 largest stored as LIFO references,
look for TXTRs named uuface-lip-COLOR_txtr
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Sims3D/Sims07.package
OFB lipsticks and makeup starts with uufaceonlynewmakeup
file: The Sims2 Open For Business/TSData/Res/3D/Sims07.package
(in general, OFB resources will be in OFB files)

large image format, 256x256 and 512x512 lipstick images,
get instance numbers from TXTR LIFO references
or do a name map search for the lipstick name (COLOR above)
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Sims3D/Sims12.package

material, reflectivity, alpha, ususal material properties
Maxis lipsticks seem to have one of two kinds of TXMT's,
see the ones for palepink and ice for examples of each
look for TMXTs named uuface_lip_COLOR_txtm (underscore, not dash),
or look for a specific COLOR like palepink
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Sims3D/Sims02.package

text lists, lipstick names, not seen by user in catalog,
but perhaps used by game to find other resources by name?
Useful for naming your package and searching for other stuff.
Lipstick name list has group 0x7F35994C, instance 0x00000002,
(I found this by searching for palepink, a lipstick color.)
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins/globalcat.bundle.package

texture overlay XML, has properties such as age, bin,
category, flags, layer, etc.
Lipstick XTOLs are named uuface_lip_COLOR,
where COLOR is lipstick name, like palepink,
but name map search did NOT turn this up for me.
Group search did, same group as the lipstick STR#, 0x7F35994C
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Skins/Skins.package

3D ID reference file, references to other resources,
The one in globalcat.bundle.package has lots of stuff,
like instance numbers of catalog icons and texture overlays.
Lipstick 3DIDRs have group 0x7F35994C,
Instance of 3DIRD and BINX matches for a specific lipstick.
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins/globalcat.bundle.package
and other files, but we mostly care about globalcat

binary index, makeup catalog entry information
Lipstick BINXs have group 0x7F35994C,
Instance of 3DIRD and BINX matches for a specific lipstick.
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins/globalcat.bundle.package

sortindex determines where the catalog entry (icon)
of this lipstick appears in the catalog, 0 is the first
Maxis lipstick, pale pink, 0x13 (decimal 19) is the last
lipstick you'll see without my bug fix,
0x14 (decimal 20) is really the last Maxis lipstick, sioux.

stringindex gives you the name of the lipstick.
Its an index into the STR# resource of lipstick names.
lipstick name line number = stringindex - 1

NOTE: The BINX for sioux lipstick was missing,
my bug fix put it in, so sioux would show in the catalog.

icon image for makeup catalog (CAS, mirrors)
Found the instance number of the icon by looking
in the 3DIR, see the lines with jpg/tga/png, last # is instance.
To see which lipstick this goes with, find the BINX with the
same instance as the 3DIR (sort Resource List by Instance).
Then check the stringindex, see description of BINX above.
file: The Sims2/TSData/Res/UI/ui.package for basegame makeup icons
file: The Sims2 Open For Business/TSData/Res/UI/ui.package
for OFB makeup icons

2) Default Replacement of Maxis Lipstick and Catalog Icon

There is an easy way, modify someone else's default replace file,
and a harder way, make a default replace file from scratch.
Both techniques will also work for other makeup or stuff with a TXTR resource.
(There is an older default replace thread, but I wanted to give just current
info here, and make some makeup specific.)

EASY DEFAULT REPLACE - modify existing file

Open an existing default replacement file with SimPE.
It will contain texture (TXTR) resource and probably nothing else.
It might have other optional stuff like a material (TXMT)
and/or catalog icon (IMG).

Replace the Lipstick Texture Image
Select the TXTR in the Resource Tree and Resource List.
In the Plugin View, right click the picture, select Build DXT.
Use DXT5, smoothing None, levels 1 (not 10).
Open a 512x512 image. Click Build.
Commit. Save.

Replace the Catalog Icon Image (if its in the package already, otherwise, don't)
Select IMG in the Resource Tree and List.
Right click the IMG resource, select Replace.
Choose the 64x64 icon image you want to use.
Commit. Save.

Modify the Material (if its in the package already, otherwise, don't)
Modify the TXMT values how you want. The meaning of TXMT values
is beyond the scope of this document. There are other documents about TXMT.
Commit. Save.

HARDER DEFAULT REPLACE - make file from scratch

You'll need to replace the same resource(s) as in the easy technique,
usually just the TXTR, unless you want to change the TXMT and IMG too.
You just have to find them first, which is not really tricky if you
know what the makeup looks like or what its name is. (Or just check the instance number lists in posts 2-6.)

Find the TXTR to replace
Open the file TSData/Res/Sims3D/Sims07.package
In the Resource Tree, select Texture Image (TRXTR).
In the Resource List, make sure stuff is sorted by Name (click it if not).
To find lipstick textures, look for resources whose names are
uuface-lip-COLOR_txtr, where COLOR is the lipstick name, like palepink.

Extract the TXTR
Once you found the TXTR you want to replace, you need to extract it.
Do NOT modify Maxis files! Do NOT modify Maxis files! No no no no!
Right click the TXTR you want, select Extract and save it.
You can rename it something intelligible if you want, just keep the extention.
Close the Sims07.package file.

Create new package, add TXTR, replace texture image
Create a new *.package file, name is something intelligible, like
so people know what it is months after they download it.
In the Resource Tree, right click, select Add.
Now choose the TXTR resource file you extracted earlier.
Now replace the texture image just like in the easy method, see above.
Commit. Save.

Find and Replace Catalog Image and/or Material (optional)
You'll have to find the TXMT and IMG resources that go with your lipstick.
See the TXMT and IMG paragraphs of Section 1 to see how I found them,
and Section 3 for tips on searching with Resource Finder.
Then Extract, Add to your new file, and modify.
Commit. Save.

3) SimPE Resource Finder / Resource List - finding related resources

To find all the parts of something, like a lipstick, you may need to do a lot
of searches and instance number chasing.

* A Maxis lipstick (or whatever) is made of several resources, or parts,
scattered across several different files. See part 1) of this document.

* Instance (low) numbers, Group numbers, file names and strings are the keys to
finding the scattered resource parts of a lipstick (or Maxis thingie).

* In the Resource List, you can sort by Name to see similar items (like all
lipsticks). Lipstick resources are sometimes named uuface_lip...
or uuface-lip...

* In the Resource List, you can sort by Instance. Sometimes, related
resources may be in the same file, and share the same Instance number.
Sort by Instance helps you find such cases.

* Instance and group numbers can be found in the Resource Tab,
at the bottom of SimPE. This is the group/instance of this resource.
You may also find some in the Plugin View, if it has a All References subtab.
These would be instance numbers of related resources.
You can also find them in Plugin View, Content subtab sometimes,
like for 3DIRs, BINXs and such.

* In the Resource Finder, you can search for parts of names with NameMap search,
for instance and group numbers with TGI Search,
for parts of string in a text list with STR# Search, and more.
The Find box at the top of the Resource Filter selects the type of search.

* Good name map and STR# searches would be parts of the TXTR filename.
For lipsticks, uuface-lip, uuface_lip (underscore, not dash),
and COLOR are all good searches, where COLOR is the lipstick name,
like palepink. For eyeshadow, blushes, masks, try uuface_eyeshadow,
uuface-eyeshadow, uuface_makeup, uuface-makeup. Just uuface turns
up lost of stuff, including eyes, beards, stubble, etc.

* Search does not always find everything, at least for me it didn't.
Maybe my search directories are misconfigured???
You may need to manually look through your The Sims2/TSData/Res folder
and just look through files to see what's in them, I did.
For makeup though, if you look in the files listed in section 1,
you should find the important makeup stuff.

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OFB lipstick TXTR and IMG resource instance numbers

lipstick txtr instance
-------- -------------
red / heathermoon 0xFF8E1D34
pink / drenchedp 0xFF48BA1E
orange / orangeice 0xFFF8FB3E
peach/alwaysamber 0xFF5127A9
green / greenice 0xFF14D6DF

icon inst high, always zero
icon group, 0x499DB772

red/heathermoon 0xCA2A0330
pink/drenchedp 0xCA2A0320
orangeice 0xCA2A0335
peach/alwaysamber 0xCA2A0315
greenice 0xCA2A0325

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sortindex in BINX = lipstick number - 1

Base Game Lipstick TXTR Instance Numbers

01 0xFFEF102F palepink
02 0xFFDC1A04 hintofred
03 0xFFA3C359 brightpink
04 0xFF05C3E3 dkpink
05 0xFF8E8C98 beige
06 0xFF605118 faintred
07 0xFFC3C88E dullred
08 0xFF926F36 dkmaroon
09 0xFFA3B82F redbrown
10 0xFF603623 orange
11 0xFF8684A4 terracotta
12 0xFF7ED14D purpleblack
13 0xFF597621 black
14 0xFF26B596 ice
15 0xFFEC6BD5 mocha
16 0xFFAE0BEE chestnut
17 0xFF006BD1 umber
18 0xFFCE1A8F sparklingwine
19 0xFF4DDA31 classicred
20 0xFFE015C4 twotone
21 0xFFFD1E7C sioux (requires bug fix)

text lists group 0x7F35994C

Base Game Lipstick IMG Instance Numbers

01 0xCA2A0030 palepink
02 0xCA2A0050 hintofred
03 0xCA2A0035 brightpink
04 0xCA2A0040 dkpink
05 0xCA2A0020 beige
06 0xCA2A0077 faintred
07 0xCA2A0055 dullred
08 0xCA2A0070 dkmaroon
09 0xCA2A0065 redbrown
10 0xCA2A0025 orange
11 0xCA2A0060 terracotta
12 0xCA2A0045 purpleblack
13 0xCA2A0075 black
14 0xCA2A0270 ice
15 0xCA2A0265 mocha
16 0xCA2A0280 chestnut
17 0xCA2A0250 umber
18 0xCA2A0255 sparklingwine
19 0xCA2A0275 classicred
20 0xCA2A0285 twotone
21 0xCA2A0260 sioux (requires bug fix)

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Base Game Eyeshadows
texture and catalog icon instance numbers

TXTR inst. IMG inst.
0xFF34CBB8 0xCA2A0080 BG 01 silver glitter
0xFFBC9038 0xCA2A0115 BG 02 cold gray light
0xFF6E4799 0xCA2A0120 BG 03 gray light
0xFFF9F568 0xCA2A0100 BG 04 yellow
0xFFDE3635 0xCA2A0105 BG 05 mint light
0xFF6A4A2A 0xCA2A0110 BG 06 mint
0xFFF5E360 0xCA2A0095 BG 07 burgundy
0xFF574425 0xCA2A0085 BG 08 purple glt lgt
0xFFFEC53F 0xCA2A0090 BG 09 purple
0xFF3BE49E 0xCA2A0295 BG 10 goth swirls
0xFFBCE4B3 0xCA2A0290 BG 11 blue
0xFF114B0D 0xCA2A0305 BG 12 slant (goth lines)
0xFFDFD099 0xCA2A0300 BG 13 sioux

text list with eyeshadow names, group 0x7F9C49C4

Base Game Eyeliners
TXTR ints. IMG. inst.
0xFFD5C11F 0xCA2A0130 eyeliner, light
0xFF02D75C 0xCA2A0125 eyeliner, heavy

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OFB Eyeshadows
texture and catalog icon instance numbers

TXTR inst. IMG inst.
0xFFA64C1A 0xCA2A0370 OFB 01 grey fade
0xFF5E598E 0xCA2A0360 OFB 02 grey/nsilver
0xFFEEB59F 0xCA2A0365 OFB 03 pink fade
0xFFA4E50C 0xCA2A0350 OFB 04 maroon/npink
0xFFAE1AFC 0xCA2A0340 OFB 05 nburgundy
0xFF9EAFF8 0xCA2A0355 OFB 06 purple
0xFF6C1377 0xCA2A0345 OFB 07 green

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RESERVED for blush instances

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RESERVED for other makeup instances

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#8 Old 19th Sep 2008 at 3:12 AM
I think this is a good spot to ask this especially since i cant make a new thread for some reason >

any way i was wonder ing if any one knows a way of moving the placement of makeup to different areas on the body. i was hoping to make a tattoo. my idea was to make that seal on naruto's stomach i figured a lot of people would like that but i cant seem to figure out a way to re position it.
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That question should go in the create forum. For what you want to do, you'd be better off using Morague's body overlays

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