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shishi hineko 11th Sep 2014 10:54 PM

Small Park with 'Carousel' - Feedback appreciated
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Hi I was playing around and decided to make a small park featuring a carousel (decoration only). I would really like some feedback and suggestions. I have the lot categorized as community / general. I wanted to make it labeled a park but it's required to have one of those play structures. A pirate ship or a rocket ship just didn't look right no matter what I did.

----------Lot Features---------
Carousel - Made with enlarged children's toys. Only issue is when a child wants to play with the toy. Currently testing. I don't think it happens often.
Play Park - Monkey Bars and horse drawn carriage
Grill Area - 2 Grills, 3 tables
2 Bathrooms
And a Mail box - No idea how to get rid of that. If anyone knows, please share. I thought it would disappear when I turned it to a community lot but no luck.

Lot Value: $52,629
Size: 30x20
No CC currently

Again any suggestions, feedback, or constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated. Also if anyone can think of a better lot name, please share. I'm horrible at naming things.

Yogi-Tea 15th Sep 2014 4:24 PM

If the lot was a bit bigger it may was possible to either include the pirate or rocket ship and place some trees around it. A less easier way was to mod one of the ships to make the look of it suit the park better.

Yeah, the mailbox... I was already wondering why it's still there. So you already tried all kind of ways to delete it? I really miss the moveobjects cheats in TS4. Helped me more then once to get rid of unwanted stuff. Have no solution for you at the moment but will keep my eyes open...

I think the carousel is a great idea - working or not - the horses are great. I guess they're not available in different colors? I wouldn't expect a bench on the carousel, though. I guess you placed it there because it's not working anyways?

I like the picnic tables being below the big tree, so the sims can rest in the shadow while their kids are having fun in the sun. It's a lovely little park so far. Have no name suggestions for you as this is something that I'm not good at. It sometimes takes me ages to think of a name for a new build. lol

Deedee 22nd Sep 2014 9:13 AM

Carousel Park - simple to the point name

Such a cute idea. If/when you can convert the toy to a decorative object, then children won't play with it anymore. I'm going to scour the decorative objects for similar items to try instead I think. BTW I grew up in a town with a 100+ years old carousel and it did indeed have some benches on it as back in the day the ride was meant to be enjoyed by all ages or something but it was nice... and your benches provide a way for sims to get "up on the ride" in any case.

Perhaps the mailbox issue can be solved by the order in which you do things, like an EA puzzle that they probably think of as a generous "free game" and we just are not appreciating it... no really I think it's probably a bug and will need fixed in a patch... along with a few dozen other things they just don't care about fixing or our modders wouldn't be fixing most things before they even admit there's a problem.

d0owZ 28th Sep 2014 8:16 AM

I think you did a great job with the carousel! It's clear to me that you've put a lot of thought and effort in this build.

The benches/picknicktables under the trees are nice. And I like the way you places plants and rocks, looks natural.
There's only one picture of the park by night, but it seems like the lightning is fine

There's a mod called 'move objects on' that allows you to move stuff like you could in sims 3 AND it allows you to delete the mailbox. Perhaps it can be downloaded on modthesims?

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