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Sorry for the messiness, but I'll be updating this post for collection of infos in a short term. This post temporarily serves s a short and quick guideline for the at-the-time approach.

Necessary txmt properties and things to change:
--1. txmt type = StandardMaterial (instead of "Floor; @ the 1st lower tab of txmt)
--2. stdMatCullMode = none (the essential property to show both sides of a tile.)
--3. stdMatLightingEnabled = 0 (needed to properly show the texture even though disabled!)(yet, the texture will be glow-in-dark outdoor)
(stdMatLightingEnabled = 1 will turn the tile all black.)

--4. lightMapAvailable = true (this'll darken the tile in the night mode)

maybe more... (still testing out what're necessary. Sorry)

stdMatCullMode = cullClockwise,
the upper surface (top) of the floor tile is textured while the lower surface (bottom) of the floor tile is NOT textured
stdMatCullMode = cullCounterClockwise,
the lower surface (bottom) of the floor tile is textured while the upper surface (top) of the floor tile is NOT textrured.
stdMatCullMode = none,
both sides are textured with the same texture.
The texture's direction has yet to be confirmed.

txmt type = StandardMaterial (instead of "Floor"@ the 1st lower tab of txmt),
floor txmt properties like:
--1. floorMaterialScaleU
--2. floorMaterialScaleV
no longer work. Only 1x1 scale is left. These two properties are to decide the floor tile scale like those presets (1x1) ,(2x2) and (5x5) in HCP (Home Crafter Plus). The scale is free to decide like (30, 40), (6,7) and etc -- (x,y) where x and y can be any positive integer.
***important to know***(If your original tile has it, keep these lines for HCP compatibility despite its non-sense for rendering.)

non-functional txmt properties in this type of floor tiles (recolour txmt-based rather than the floor txmt-based):
1. stdMatMinLightRangeHint (If wanting to keep this line, keep it as "stdMatMinLightRangeHint = 0". Although the parameter is a non-sense value to the algorithm, it's a known safe one so far.) (for the animated one, the value for this line can remain "4")

1. When the tile is all black while this is not expected, syntactical error happened, or improper txmt properties are input and being effective. Not all improper combinations of txmt properties will cause a problem just as well as some will cause problems. These have yet to be found out and confirmed.
2. When the floor tile is flashing blue, textural referencing error(s) happened.
3. My first patterned doubly-sided tile just acts like a glow-in-dark tile that it's not darkened at all...!

The wireframe pic shows that a tile has a mesh on the grids, and tiles will be regarded as a normal mesh-based object when it comes to the global shadowing effect. They're not exluded, and so this can explain why very clear and translucent transparent tiles have dark shadows like any other mesh-based objects.

--Known or Reported Compatibility:
1. TS2
2. HCP
3. "every EP, Maxis patch and Addon" (info by Inge Jones).
4. FFS (info by Fat D)
Not known or reported yet

For the base game, only 2 ceiling lights will be presented to be properly close to the "ceiling"
eg1 = Floral Fancy Hanging lamp
eg2 = Qadim Bauble Lamp
The others will appear flying in the air... So, choices of ceiling lights are limited.
See the screenshot.

009. Changes in performance & known issues:
1. Tile-scale limitation is now done by the tile-animation property "stdMatTextureCoordAnimNumTiles"
2. like the ceiling/doubly-sided tiles, hard to make them dark like normal tiles...
May read Inge's post to see if that helps in your case(s).
a. Rgiles used a relatively high transparency to weaken the glowing effect. Namely, the higher the opacity the brighter the tile is gonna be.
b. Rgiles seemed to use spec value to further darken the modded tiles
c. use textures not so bright from the start, so the glow-in-dark effect won't be so much unless you're making glow-in-dark tiles...
3. Ceiling gap... see the 2nd pic. It's a very slight gap between the walls and the tile's bottom. Added: Sorry, the previous one is not good at showing it..
4. transparent tiles may work out better though in terms of lighting.

For beginners, the following threads should help better understanding of the contents. Don't forget, you can ask questions.
1. RGiles's Tutorial: Transparency in Floor Tiles (Updated 16 Apr)
2. Numenor's Recolouring Objects with Object Workshop (NEW tutorial)
3. Frillen's Tutorial: Transparent Floor tiles

For other infos, may check out this post

How is your tile like?
It seems I messed up something that my tile failed to be darkened even when stdMatEmissiveCoef = 0,0,0.

(May edit and add more later)