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Smile 2-sided/Doubly-sided version of Rgiles' transparent tiles as an addition to this thread
Hi all,

This's a doubly-sided version of Rgiles' transparent tiles as an addition to this thread.
Users can choose which version to use.

What I did:
1. I altered a setting to make them doubly-sided.
2. I re-sorted or altered the frost tile settings. Back to the days, such sorting wasn't easily done or considered necessary due to insufficient amount of knowledge about that. I did this just as an improvement hopefully.

1. this set are doubly-sided, and that means these tiles can be ceiling tiles as well. They're "bottomful".:D
2. the frost tile has been fixed to be HCP-friendly at least true in the base game configuration. UNI and NL with HCP are reported working well.

1. similar file sizes
2. same guid IDs

1. use either set due to the same guid ID.

How to choose:
1. the doubly-sided version will take about twice amount of system resources the singly-sided version needs to run, so users with not much system resources may try the singly-sided one first to see the hardware can afford that first before trying the doubly-sided version.
2. the singly-sided version will remain for users with fewer system resources.

Distribution Issues:
May read this post

Problems, trouble-shooting or how to do doubly-sided tiles?
May read this thread.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar niol_2sided_RGiles_transparent_tiles-20060627.rar (71.7 KB, 4805 downloads)