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Default Build Items

The set is composed by the following elements, working in any game configuration:
Small Hole in the Wall: 1-tile window
Large Hole in the Wall: 2-tile window
Tall Hole in the Wall: 1-tile arch
Huge Hole in the Wall: 2-tile arch
Closed Hole in the Wall: 1-tile door

Recolouring Instructions
The 1-tile window is the Repository object: create a recolour for it, and it will automatically apply to the whole set, except the garage door (that is autonomously recolourable).

NOTE: none of the doors and windows can be placed on diagonal walls; they only work on straight walls


Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar SimstoneDoors-Windows.rar (220.7 KB, 15081 downloads)
File Type: rar SimstoneGarageDoor_NL-Required.rar (187.8 KB, 12522 downloads)
File Type: rar SimStoneWallsFloorsTerrains.rar (1.67 MB, 13953 downloads)