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Inge Jones,

Emm... she may get more screenshots and probably some notes to publish here later these few days... But, she's a busy person, and so we can't expect things to be released fast or what... Just give her some times to prepare... But, it's already amazing to learn the possibilities of those things...

I'm still confused and excited about how things are to approach too. I've not felt well for the past few days, but excitements just keep me awake...! :moose:

Originally Posted by Andi8104

value U11 | Change Width | Change Height
0 | backwards | left side
1 | left side | in front
2 | in front | right side
3 | right side | backwards

So, what's bad to alter them according to the values taken from lots first made in different directions in your expereinces? (just curious...)

Those parameters sound like the direction of light and shadow to me as well.

Thanks for making the app... for easy lot-editing...

Bu the way, does that all mean is that one has to gather the lot infos from both the lot file and the neighbourhood file? If those relationships can be figured out, more manipulations on lot size and direction can be done?