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Is there any chance that this tutorial you just gave, could in turn change the road back to it default location.

I have successfully created My Swimable Sea, But when I used 1.1 to make the lot, my road is in the middle of my SEA. LOL

The First two pictures, Show what is now the ROAD... In these pictures I use the leveling tool to lower the land. I picked these for here, to clearly show the road...

Ok, I know this is not the best picture, Grrrr.. But as you can see... The road is not where it shoud be... Sadly. **Only wished I would have had 1.2 at time I made this lot.**

Ok, So is there any way using SimPe or otherwise I can return the ROAD to where it belongs... and since the road is a 'T' would that make any more of a problem.

Now we finally have to move some of the 'portal- objects'. Different to other objects the positions of the portals depends only from values in XOBJ (584F424A) resources. On empty lots (and each other except some from Maxis) the instances of this resource for portals are '03' up to '08'.
The position is stored in two float values (X, Y):
Y with offset 80
X with offset 84
We have to subtract from Y-values greater 10 : (3 – 1) * 10

On empty lots (and each other except some from Maxis)

My Lot is not empty...
Problem ???

And using, these formulas how would you really know where the road portals are suppose to be, cept maybe starting at
X offset 0 and
Y offset 0

loading the game and seeing where it is,
then again changing it in intervals till you get it where it needs to be???

Am I asking too many Questions ??
Please help if you can... If not maybe I just need to start over... Grrr and LOL.
Thanks Andi

Finially things are getting setup.
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