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How to build a house with an aquarium. These are the basic steps, I did not have time do build anything elaborate, simply used a few pictures to explain the method. I did this in less than 5 minutes and I am sorry if I did not explain properly...

1. Select a lot with a slope away from the road

2. Build your foundation, build from the higher elevation to the lower or else the foundation tool will level the land

3. Cover the foundation walls with a wallpaper that shows the ground level. Level the grounds at that level. (Sorry I forgot to take a pic). Delete the back 'wall' and the middle of your foundation to create the 'room'

4. Build a wall to enclose the foundation to create a room. Add wall inside, floors.
Add a pool against the wall.

5. Use 'boolProp constrainfloorelevation' cheat and elevate the end of the pool to the hight you want - make sure not to to elevate the building itself! Use the level tool and level the pool from the highest level to towards the window. When done remember to turn the cheat off.

6. Add ladder and sim - you now have an aquarium!!!
Note: the picture below show the pool level to be lower than the height of the windows, this is because I did not elevate the pool high enough. You need to experiment to get it to the level you want.

Happy Simming (or is that swimming???)

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