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lol... just got crazy enough to mod the material shader (Let's forget that I'm a lunatic nervous wonk!) and it seems pretty stable in my base game copy... Just wonder if that works in others... So, this's a testing and not a release yet. Use only one mod at a time.

After comparing the roof shaders from EP0-TS2, EP2-NL, EP3-OFB, EP4-Pets,
There're only 2 versions of this shader out of the compared.
Version 1: EP0-TS2, EP2-NL, (assumedly) EP1-UNI
Version 2: EP3-OFB, EP4-Pets
I've not got EP5-SS's, so we'll see.

1. No redistribution of this mod outside of MTS2.
2. For lot-sharing with this mod, please link back to the original thread just in case of any updated infos and any reported unforeseen problem(s).
3. Maxis is creditted for its shader. Thanks for them.
4. Pandorasims is banned to use or host all my creations or provided infos
5. Except Pandora sims, everyone else is welcome to study, improve and refine it, and release their owns.

Just dump the package into the downloads folder.

Both versions of the original shaders or the bright and light roof mod are all compatible down to the base game and up to EP4-Pets. EP5-SS is unknown yet.
Thanks to bluetexasbonnie's feedback from that I can know it doesn't crash OFB.

The rules of the game:
This is a global mod. All default colours are affected and lightened from (0.4,0.385,0.38) to (1,1,1,0), so while using this mod and wanting the default ones or previously made customs to show up right, do the ratio math for the colourational changes accordingly. May prepare two sets for those without a roof shader mod.

I have altered the highlight before, but it doesn't look as good while a "mutation" at the roof top diffusion coefficients is sufficient. I'm unsure if transparent roof is possible, so feel free to try it out.

I was wrong to think that the roof high-light had such power to affect the look that much. But it happened to have the same value as the roof top.

transparency (with the suffix "-trans") and reflection map (with the suffix "-reflect" or "ag") are possible. Use only one mod at a time.
However, it can be challenging to do the roof recolouring for them to show up right or it's necessary to alter some more settings for them work out nicely.
Remember, these two mods are underdeveloped.

Just some chosen feedbacks from here :
Originally Posted by nengi65
A global mod offered with some premade roofs would be awesome for those wintery neighbourhoods...and if one gets tired of winter one can simply remove it...

Originally Posted by bluetexasbonnie
There is a small problem with the octagonal roofs from OFB. In the build mode they have some undefined areas along the ridges. These disappear in live mode and in camera mode. Roof looks fine from neighborhood. Overall, the roof mod looks fine.

Here is a picture of several rooves in build mode. You can see the problem on the octagonal ones. Though not pictured, the conic rooves are fine too.

I'll remove that creator feedback forum thread once I've got the reply to my quest, and move the reply here.

The bright light roof mod is out here

For the roof shader sources: the wiki has them.

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