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Default Neon Signs
  • Neon "MTS2" Sign
  • Neon "ModYourLlama2" Sign
  • Neon Alphabet Signs + Recolours
  • Neon Shop Signs (25 generic signs)
  • Neon Shop Signs (16 real brands - no screenshots) UPD 20 Jan 07 to include two new "Real Brand" signs

Atavera has created many neon shop signs depicting real commercial brands; but then he removed them because he didn't want to advertise real firms.
Therefore, in an effort to respect his desire, for the "real brands" neon signs are NOT provided any screenshots, nor is provided a list of the brand names included in the attached file.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Neon-MTS2Sign_NL.rar (87.0 KB, 11737 downloads)
File Type: rar Neon-ModYourLlama2_NL.rar (145.8 KB, 8992 downloads)
File Type: rar Neon-Alphabet+Recolours_NL.rar (1.00 MB, 22920 downloads)
File Type: rar Neon-ShopSigns_Generic_NL.rar (1.13 MB, 17457 downloads)
File Type: rar Neon-ShopSigns_RealBrands_NL.rar (1.31 MB, 16905 downloads)

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