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Default Two-Leggeds and Four-Leggeds
Two-Leggeds: Handsome & Beautiful Sims for your Game:

Made by EveZ:

*Angelina -
Eyes: Awakening by Enayla
Brows: helaene - realistic brows 2-4
Lips: autumn lips - #4
Skintone: Lin Ed. Louis #7 tan

*Maria -
Eyes: Below by Enayla
Brow: Brow-B-Black [email protected] ShinySims - Brow B
Lips: Autumnlips (1)
Skintone: Lin Ed. Louis #7 tan

*Oscar -
Skintone: Lin Ed. Louis #7 tan
Eyes: Rich Black by Enayla
Brows: helaene - new year brows - 1

Made by porkypine:

* Armando:
Skintone: Louis #7 Tan [Lin Ed]
Eyes: Dark Bronze eyes by Enayla

*Tyler -
Eyes: Below by Enayla
Skintone: Louis #7 Dark tan [Lin Ed]

... and a Rez Dog or Two.. :D

Four-Leggeds - REZ DOGS - for your REZ DOG Neighborhood

by porkypine

Every REZ (American Indian Reservation) Has Rez Dogs. These are generally the sorriest dogs you'd ever want to see. They are thick as fleas and have the run of the REZ.

In honor of the endemic Rez Dogs of Turtle Island, N8IVE SIMS Presents Soup and Fry Bread Muttley!

Oh... Soup is the ??? I think a Scottish Sheepdog mixed with a runty terrier and doberman and she's a girl.

Frybread is some kind of Dalmation terrier whose head is too big for his body - FryBread is a guy.

Oh! And for those of you who aren't familiar with real NDN names - Soup and FryBread are very common dog names on the Rez.

You won't find any twinkie names like 'princess floating moon flower' here, but you will find names like 'farts too much' or even bawdy names that aren't to be translated into English in mixed company. One of these days, I'll hafta tell you how 'Won't poop' got her name. but then again... that story is not really socially acceptable in mixed company.

So children... be careful what you ask for when you pester your elders for a real NDN name. You just might get one.
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