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Default Columns & Beams for Building your Chickees
In real life, the building of a Seminole Chickee (the traditional home of the Seminole's in Florida), begins with columns and beams -- as do the structures of many of the other tribes. The First Nation's team is proud to offer you two superb new columns sets for your building pleasure. These versatile columns and beams are must have for every builder. They will work well for many styles and periods -- from rough hewn medieval lots to Western prairie towns to modern cabins hidden in the woods.

DragonArts,, has made a set that features two columns -- 1 in concrete for a rustic modern look, and the other flush with the ground for a more traditional profile. The beam portion is actually a 1-tile window which gives you a tremendous amount of control over how long your beams are and how your sims experience the area covered by the beams. There is even a diagonal version which gives you unprecedented design options. Place the beam windows in a wall to give your sims an open air look with all of the traffic control and privacy of a wall. Use move_objects on to place them without benefit of a wall, and they will walk right thru them as though they are a wooden beam supported on two columns.

HugeLunatic,, has made a set of columns whose size and texture bring to mind virgin forests of grand-daddy sized trees. These are all functionally columns. The uprights come in both one-story and two-story sizes. The beams are in both a full round and half-round shape. The beams come in a variety of tile lengths to efficiently create whatever length beam needed.
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